CNN shelves Ron Paul victory in GOP debates

By Peter Dearman
Political Analyst for The WIld East
Hello all,
Time for some important Orwellian news. When the Republicans held their televised candidate debates, CNN posted live comments from viewers as they came in, and ran a live poll of who viewers perceived as the winner.
Well, unsurprisingly, because most people aren’t in fact stupid, they’re just led to believe they have no power to evoke change, Ron Paul trounced his competitors. How did CNN react? Well, they certainly weren’t going to declare Ron Paul the winner. Instead, they set out to make sure no one would ever see those viewer results.
See for yourself. This link should take you to the viewer results page:
But instead, you get redirected to the results of the Democratic debate. (Doh!)
Don’t worry. The results were preserved by Internet “radicals” and posted on pages that no one ever visits. You can learn more about this blatant and glaringly anti-democratic censorship by CNN through these links: (The most-viewed account) (Where I got those links above)

And here are the viewer opinions that got sucked out of consensus reality:
It is almost shocking to read the true results. With such overwhelming support from the people, it is hard to see how Ron Paul could be seen as anything but the frontrunner. (Ouch. What’s that sharp pain inside my skull?) Oh, sorry. GhoulyAnnie is going to win. No doubt. He’s so strong. (Ah… That’s better.)

One thought on “CNN shelves Ron Paul victory in GOP debates

  • June 19, 2007 at 3:05 pm

    The mainstream media hate him. As a group (henceforth referred to as ‘they’), they like to frame the issue and choose the final contender/s. They’ve been dragged kicking and screaming onto the Internet but they hate it. Especially the ‘democracy’ of it.

    I went looking for polls that mention Ron Paul and most of them had been pulled: Democrat/Republican; liberal/conservative. Their policy is ‘don’t mention him or pull the result’.

    The media canning of Ron Paul shows that what we are viewing here is beyond the left – right paradigm, but it shows how they are both ‘wings’ of the same bird.

    It seems that a lot of people can’t accept the possibility of an honest man in the White House. I mean, who’s going to run the show? The good ol’ boys from Texas? The Patriot movement?

    The good ol’ boys are so popular, George W. had to pretend to be one.

    go Ron

    Now it’s the John Bircher’s vs. the Bohemian Grove and the NY mafia move in like a shark to the kill.

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