Kozy marries Carla Bruni

By Terrence Downs, Esq.
Foreign Style Correspondent in France
Well, “Kozy” ( Sarkozy ) and Carla Bruni finally tied the knot today, in Paris, at the Elysée Palace….looks like we’re gonna have a real Rock n’ Roll presidency here….
Carla has been with Mick Jagger, Donald Trump, and God knows who else, and she was a top model and is a good singer….she’s a single mother…..Man, that rocks, I must say…..plus she’s the most beautiful First Lady France has ever had, and certainly the most beautiful First Lady in the western world at the moment ( her only competition, as far as I know, lookswise at least, is the current Queen of Jordan, who is Palestinian and who is a very serious babe….)