Some ‘sexy time’ advice for Asian men

Make no mistake - Asian men got it goin' on.
By Professor Titnibbler / The Wild East, Department of Sexy Time

I’ll begin with the bad news for Asian fellows. There is some truth to the size of your penis being somewhat smaller on average than, say, that of the average African male. This conclusion can be based simply and empirically on Durex condom sizes for male populations around the world.

But there’s a lot more good news than bad. While average penis size does vary between region and race, it generally falls within the 5-6 inch range, according to the (Alfred) Kinsey Institute, a group of sexologists who carried out the most comprehensive (and literally exhaustive) study of sex – ever – 50 years ago.

Kinsey studies on the subject tell us what we probably already suspected: most guys lie about how big their bulge really is. So keep in mind, Asian comrades, that when it comes to our chickens Western men have developed a cottage industry crowing about the enormous size of their cocks!

In light of this, when Western men constantly harp about how Asian men have small penises, they are actually playing this stupid cock game. It could also be considered a crude form of bullying and intimidation, especially if it’s done in the presence of Asian males.

Keep in mind that of course many foreign males want Asian men to feel insecure and embarrassed about their private parts by trying to reinforce this stereotype – It makes them feel stronger to make you feel ‘smaller’ than you actually are!

But Asian manfriends, don’t buy into this destructive stereotype. It will only cripple your confidence if you keep accepting this bullshit as truth. Accepting this garbage will also make you complacent, so that you don’t try to become a good lover anyway!

If you accept the stereotype that Asian men are ‘little’ then you can either: 1) accept it as true, and something to feel insecure and shameful about; : 2) you can break the stereotype by becoming a great lover! Because cock size is just one of the many things that determine whether someone is great in bed!

So why not break the stereotype instead?

Everybody knows the expression, “It’s not the size that counts (at least so much!), it’s the motion of the ocean”! In other words, penis length is only one of the many things that will satisfy your lover, and this is where Asian men have much room for ‘growth’.

Here are some ideas of what Asian men could do to combat the ‘small-cock’ stereotype:

Know that this ‘cock size’ thing is just a myth, and determine to do something about improving your skills as a lover.

Set out to become a great lover — not in number of lovers, but in quality, mind you! What makes a good lover? A desire to please the other person. That’s the only rule! And take your time! Learn what foreplay is!

Read sex books that teach you exactly how to please a lover. Read about it on the Internet, the greatest library in history. Read the Kama Sutra, Hustler, Playboy – whatever turns you on.

Get over any taboos. If you don’t take any risks in bed but just fuck like a Chinese communist (with no culture ; and suddenly, with no foreplay or afterglow either) — or a dumb California jock for that matter — you deserve to stay a virgin for the rest of your life! Who wants a ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ kind of lover? The problem is Asian men are inexperienced/squeamish about taking the time to please their lover with wonderful, fantastic things like oral sex. So:

Get some experience. Try it, you’ll like it!! And think about it: why should you get any if you don’t give any? Maybe this dearth of great things like oral sex is because there is very little quality pornography, soft-porn or otherwise, in which Asian men can use their imagination, explore their passions and fantasies freely. Feel free to leave your comments below in the meantime! But the main point is:

Smashing. Take me to the water!
Experiment. Like others have said, anything done between consenting adults gets the green light! Why do you think we have mouths? To kiss, nibble and suck! Or hands? Use them, it’s all part of a wonderful gift, heaven-sent…! And he who hesitates is lost!

Don’t be shy. Taiwanese men are too damned shy. It’s a miracle the fertility rate here isn’t zero!! If you want to talk to a woman, get over your shyness and make the first move for a change! Sometimes it’ll work, really it will! Give it a try – you’ll be surprised! And your ability to enjoy taking some risks and willingness to explore will impress the ladies.

One thought on “Some ‘sexy time’ advice for Asian men

  • July 12, 2012 at 2:01 am

    Taiwanese men are different animals. If you like a Taiwanese man, the way to show it is very subtle, like — Just talk to him. Touch. Just hold his hand.


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