Literary high felt at Taichung ‘Writ’ events

The Writ events: Always a great show and showcase for new writing talent.

The Writ is a quarterly literary event that takes place at the Taichung Refuge, in the exotic setting of the former Dongshan Amusement Park.

In December, “This may be The LAST Writ at The Refuge Community, so we want to make it a good one!” says Boston Paul, Refuge director.

Poets, spoken word, slam poetry, singers/songwriters and any and all creative talent of any stripe are most welcome, he stressed.

The feast of words is always a treat for the Refuge audience, who wine and dine on eulogies of wisdom, heartache, humour and random musings about the crazy, messed-up world we live in.

1. Raven
2. David R. Braden
3. Tyler Rankin
4. Matty Delaney
5. David Wood
6. Boston Paul
7. Keith Nipper
8. David Easton
9. AAron
10. Trista di Genova

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