Exclusive photos: Students occupying Taiwan’s legislature

by Dave Johnson / The Wild East / Politics

Editor’s note: The following photographs were taken by Dave Johnson on the evening when Taiwanese students occupied and took control of the legislature in Taipei over the issue of a Trade Pact with China, which many view as ‘selling out’ to China. W.E. thank Dave for allowing us to share these amazing photos with our readers. Enjoy!

On Tuesday the 18th of march 2014, Taiwanese students stormed the Legislative Yuan and barricaded themselves inside for the start of an on-going occupation. The students are protesting about the controversial Service Trade Agreement, of which was passed in part, quickly and stealthily, the day before.

On Sunday the 23rd of March, after the pleas of the students continued to be ignored by the ruling KMT party, the students successfully occupied the Executive Yuan.

However, on Monday the 24th of March, a total of 5,000 police officers were ordered to remove the students.

Police using batons and riot shields forcibly removed the unarmed protesters from the Executive Yuan, and at dawn, police using a water canon and shields cleared the streets of remaining protesters, by-standers, and worryingly – the media.

Here is a small collection of photographs from this event at dawn on Monday, 24th March 2014.

Inside the Legislative Yuan (Tuesday night/Wednesday morning of 19th March)
Students occupying the legislature
Resting police as seen from Legislative Yuan

Police line up before attacking protesters
Old man almost crying
Film me, I'll film you.
The symbol of the student protest outside the Legislative Yuan, Taipei

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