What Taiwan did right with Covid-19; & how USA went disastrously wrong

By Trista di Genova-CHANG / Wild East Editorial

While Taiwan re-opens schools after not even shutting down its economy, the one-man disaster that is Donald F. Trump is horrifying the world — & responsible for 125,000 American deaths with the depths of his criminal kakistocracy

American leadership has run amok.
American leadership has run amok.

As the 125,000 ‘mark’ passes — American lives lost needlessly due to the coronavirus — Americans would do well to emulate the positive leadership examples of such countries as Taiwan, S. Korea or New Zealand, & learn how to properly deal with a pandemic.
As of a few weeks ago, Taiwan reported only FOUR (count ’em) deaths due to the novel coronavirus. True, Taiwan had the experience of SARS in the early Naughts to draw upon, in terms of employing best practices.
This time, Taiwan employed an aggressive combination of testing (at airports, very important!); quarantine; contact tracing & use of modern technology to mitigate the problem. EVERYBODY was given free masks through their healthcare, which is the best healthcare in the world!
Moreover, Taiwan has a Vice President who is an epidemiologist!
I remember when SARS hit, everywhere was the message: YOU MUST WEAR MASK! In the MRT, even going into McDonald’s there were the ever-present temperature-takers, in full protective gear.
Even on a daily basis, Taiwanese frequently wear a mask, regardless, as a means to combat air pollution (all those Taiwan factories moved to China, so now we have to breathe that ole factory air!).
But also if one is feeling a bit sick, people in Taiwan often wear a mask as a form of courtesy & out of respect for others’ right to health & safety.
In America, the epicentre of the world’s battle with the coronavirus, we observe a country that has done everything wrong, with the kakistocracy (rule by the worst qualified) in charge of making sure everything is botched as badly as possible. Warning ignored from the outgoing Obama administration. CDC budget gutted. Pandemic response committee of the NSA (National Security Agency) disbanded; fired; quit & otherwise not replaced, so the US response has been hobbled in every possible way.
America watched while Wuhan, China — said to be the origins of the superflu — struggled to contain the virus & shut down the city to contain its spread. And all the while, American ‘leadership’ did ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN’ to prepare for the pandemic to come.
The Democrats & US Congress rolled over & played dead, because the Democrats, as consumer advocate & one-time Green Party presidential Candidate Ralph Nader said, ‘They’re dialling for the same dollars’.
And campaign donations are rollin’ in for the Democrats, who are exploiting our hatred and fear of this criminal president to milk us for all the campaign contributions we can possibly cough up.
No doubt this is why Corporate Democrats like Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer refuse to put impeachment proceedings back on the table!
All through January & February, the American administration under Donald Jackass Trump did NOTHING but downplay the killer virus as ‘a hoax’, ‘by the Democrats’ to make Mr Trump ‘look bad’ — when actually he already did all that himself, & quite effectively!
He employed ‘magical thinking’ to imagine the virus would just magically ‘disappear’, maybe in summer, ‘when the weather changes’.
His do-nothing administration, he lied for the 20,000,000th time, was doing ‘a tremendous job.’
“Everything is under control,” he bluffed, over & over again.
He fired experts & watchdogs, who ‘leaked’ the widespread shortage of protective gear in hospitals.
He fired whistleblowers & sidelined other medical experts like Dr. Fauci, even fomented the hashtag #firefauci to get rid of one of the only real experts in his administration.
Trump kicked us all in the nuts, figuratively speaking, by appointing uberchristian VP Mike Pence as head of the coronavirus pandemic response team.
Now Pence is, as far as I can tell, Ass-clown’s insurance that he won’t be removed; because ‘gray weasel’ as Stephen Colbert aptly describes him, would be no improvement whatsoever in terms of leadership! They’re all part of the worst cabal in US history, coming to power & sticking it to the common man.
Readers may or may not know that Pence, while governor of Indiana, refused to allow needle-exchange for heroin users based upon his faith. He said no to the needle-exchange program and thereafter countless people, probably thousands contracted HIV and died as a result of Pence’s cruelty & ‘cremation of care’.
With this horrifying experience under his belt, Pence was patently unqualified in the first place for such a role — a fact Trump was no doubt keenly aware — & disinterested in protecting public health & safety in another type of pandemic.
This unwanted presidency is carrying out mass genocide on a scale not seen since the Jim Jones Kool-Aid incident; in fact, this is why #PresidentJimJones has been trending on Twitter.
Just yesterday, he tweeted ‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts,’ & threatened to send in the National Guard, in reference to protesters in Minneapolis, outraged about white cop Derek Chauvin killing black, unarmed civilian George Floyd. What was filmed went viral, & demonstrators nationwide took the streets after watching this ‘snuff film’: White, smirking Chauvin applying his knee to Floyd’s neck for over 8 minutes, ignoring the man’s pitiful pleas for his mother, & saying over & over, “I can’t breathe’.
Today Ass-Dump tweeted that Antifa was going to be designated a ‘terrorist organization.’ It is clear to this reader that Mr. Trump is the one who should be designated a terrorist organization. That is one of his frequent mind control tactics, by the way; blaming the victim, and accusing others of the crimes HE is committing. It’s a great way to cover up his litany of crimes, & distract us all with the circus of insane tweets & insults & executive orders.
Twitter flagged this last comment as ‘glorifying violence’; so Ass-clown countered in his signature petty way, by signing an Executive Order against social media censorship.
As most-cited scholar in the world, MIT/UofA Professor Noam Chomsky observes: “There is a Freakshow going on in Washington.” And nothing or nobody seems to be able to prevent this insane ‘enfant terrible’ from carrying out his never-ending campaign of chaos, hate and destruction.
We’ve all been held captive to this madman since he managed to steal the 2016 election, with 3 MILLION fewer votes than his rival, Hilary Clinton. Typically, he called it ‘a landslide victory’ & accused Clinton & the Democrats of voter fraud, a false claim he refused to back up with any evidence, & was never forced to account for.
Another of Trump’s dirty tactics is to make a crazy accusation that is extremely difficult to counter- kind of like the ‘When did you stop beating your wife?’ line of questioning in court!
With this barrage of idiocy, Trump has managed to paralyze, marginalize, humiliate and/or drive out/fire most if not all of his most vocal critics.
Then this thug of a president slams these individuals & pulls out all the stops to destroy their reputation, using/abusing his position of power as a real ‘bully pulpit’ – this time, a real bully is in charge, instead of one of the most popular presidents in US History, Teddy Roosevelt, who invented that phrase in reference to the position of president.
Mr Ass-Dump has used these past 3 years as ‘most powerful leader in the world’ to consolidate his power, enrich himself, his family & cronies; & to surround himself with the most corrupt, racist, cruel, sycophantic ass-kissers to be found.
Americans are starting to talk about emigrating to Canada, Mexico, or anyplace abroad, should Mr Trump succeed in stealing another election, or worse, declare himself forever king, which he has talked about doing. I suggest they stay and fight against this tide of evil washing o’er our nation!
Trump’s also threatened to suspend the US Congress, so he can finish making some appointments.
He admitted on National TV that if it were easy for Americans to vote, by mail or otherwise, ‘No Republicans would win races anymore.”
With population & mind control tactics he’s learned from fellow dictators such as Kim Jung-Un, China’s Xi Jinping, & Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro. They took cues from each other’s successes as tyrants, covered for each other’s crimes, & looked the other way, when say, China cracked down on Hong Kong, while India’s Modi carried out genocidal tactics against its Muslim population; or while Bolsonaro burned down the Amazon forest or incited genocide against our indigenous family members in the Amazon. Criminal, disgusting tactics that they helped each other to commit; they are ALL COMPLICIT in crimes against humanity, & as Editor-in-Chief of award-winning Wild East magazine, I call for all of these horrible criminals to be tried in The Hague.
For some strange reason, Trump sent China some facial masks; maybe as a way to get rid of our stockpiles at home by the time the coronavirus hit us in full force.
One can easily surmise by Mr Trump’s actions that he is purposely, intentionally botching our response to this epidemic. He mocks others for wearing a mask; refuses to wear mask in the course of his public duties; all the while tweeting seditious comments, designed to send armed protesters to the Michigan governor’s mansion, for example. “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” he tweeted in one; ‘LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” he tweeted in a second. Both of these state’s governors were 1) women; 2) democrats; & 3) they were 2) questioning his leadership. Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar was trying to introduce a ‘mail-in voting system’ nationwide, which Ass-Dump called ‘corrupt’ & ‘fraudulent’ (though he himself votes by mail!).
In the case of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Wittmer, he succeeded in intimidating HER into silence, with armed protesters swarming her residence, protesting stay-at-home measures & social distancing.
It is incomprehensible why these governors – Gavin Newsome of California, Jay Inslee of Washington state, & Govs Whitmer & Klobuchar didn’t come together to call for Mr Dump’s immediate removal & imprisonment.
Just this past week, he actually suggested Americans inject disinfectants like bleach, as means of combatting the coronavirus! Even Faux ‘news’, his neofascist mouthpiece had to cut immediately to one of their ‘anchors’ to notify the American public that it is NOT SAFE TO INJECT BLEACH !
Honestly, this editorialist cannot fathom why this madman was not dragged away & thrown in a lunatic asylum. Somehow he managed to disable all the checks & balances in our system, & exploit every weakness & legal loophole imaginable.
Pure madness in the USA!
And nobody in the US Congress said a peep about how he should be impeached for 1) sedition; 2) fomenting armed rebellion; & 3) treason, because that’s what he is guilty of.
Months ago, he tweeted that there was going to be ‘civil war’. This is obviously his fantasy that he is trying to inflict on the American population.
Ass-clown’ — as I like to call him since he is so fond of making nicknames for people!– refused to ramp up production of them at home.
Ass-clown refused to enact the Defense Production Act to produce desperately needed ‘PPE’ (personal protective equipment) for our nation’s first responders: masks, surgical gowns & ventilators.
He used the press conference at the time to make a dig at Venezuela. ‘Look how well [a command economy] worked out for Venezuela!”
Ever the master at deflecting responsibility or culpability, Ass-Dump continued to harass Asian-American journalists with his ‘kung-flu’ comment & insistence on blaming China by calling it the ‘Chinese virus’.
The number of hate crimes spiked after this incident, but Mr. President wasn’t even censured by the Democratic-led House of Representatives!
With his constant, catchall phrase of ‘fakenews’ he has undermined the media as one of the last means we have of keeping the executive honest.
He has destroyed all the checks & balances built into the American system.
With the slight majority of Republicans in the Senate, he managed to narrowly escape being removed from office. The laws in America are beautiful, & designed to protect us from would-be tyrants; but in strategy, Mr Trump & his nefarious interests have overcome all obstacles – at least, so far.
It would seem the sh+tstorm of lies & BS coming from the White House has succeeded in cowing ALL branches of the US government – Congress, The Supreme Court (which he’s taken every opportunity to stack with right-wing neocons who sign on to his fascist agenda.
What we see in America is a crisis in US leadership. We have a leader who refuses to resign, probably all too aware that he will surely face an avalanche of criminal lawsuits as soon as he leaves office.
He won’t resign, because he has no dignity or decency; in this regard, he makes Nixon look like a real gentleman!
He refuses to leave, & insists on staying & sticking it to us all, in the worst ways imaginable. While the first wave of infections struck Americans like a tsunami, he quietly rolled back any restrictions on environmental pollution, sought ways to cut social security & the last vestiges of Obamacare’ health insurance we have in this country.
he claimed the US ‘Wall’ with Mexico would somehow ‘keep out’ the virus; actually, his Russian crony is the sole provider of these walls, by the way.
Pres. Dump hawked hydroxychloroquine as a remedy for covid-19 – which doesn’t work & causes heart attacks — & not surprisingly, it turns out he has a financial interest in that!
Perhaps one of the most cruel things Ass-dump did, was to FORCE poor workers at Tyson & other meat-packing plants to GO BACK TO WORK, even though the factory refused to disinfect or test or provide masks for the 25% of their workers who already contracted the virus.
He orchestrated seizures of ventilators & face masks. As a result, state officials & governors had to actually go online & try to order life-saving equipment for themselves! They had to engage in bidding wars on ebay like everyone else, while Mr Trump’s mal-administration hoarded them all for themselves.
Despicable! America really needs to get rid of #PresidentJimJones!
And now, it’s a GRAVE matter of Life and Death.

Trista diGenova-CHANG is graduate of Berkeley, Oxford University & Taipei Medical University. Currently running for Sheriff in Tucson, Arizona
Trista diGenova-CHANG is graduate of Berkeley, Oxford University & Taipei Medical University. Currently running for Sheriff in Tucson, Arizona
Trista diGenova-CHANG graduated with honors from UC Berkeley, Oxford University & Taipei Medical University. CHANG is artist, writer & now political candidate for Sheriff in Pima County, Tucson, Arizona, where she runs a Taiwan-themed eco-ranch with her dogs, Dr Baker & Hankie. You can listen to her daily comedy & political podcast, STICK IT TO THE MAN Show, w/Trista on Anchor, Spotify or Apple, & follow her on Instagram & Twitter; & like & subscribe to her Youtube channel!

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