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Our own agony-aunt dispenses advice for newbies and the terminally naive.

Dear MeiGui: My co-worker's hurting my chances

dearmeigui1501Dear MeiGui;
I think my co-worker is falling in love with me, and I don’t know how to let her down gently. It’s not that she’s coyote ugly; in fact she’s a wicked natural blonde fox. The problem is I’m just not into her.

I came to Taiwan to find a local hottie, not a chick from my hometown. My co-worker is a stereotypical Pittsburg U sorority girl with the whole perky-attitude-towards-life thing going on.

So now, every time she comes bouncing into my classroom “to chat”, the kids and the other Chinese staff jump to the conclusion that we’ve got something going on together. But of course we don’t. Her perkiness is seriously limiting my chances to score at work.

I’m really trying not to be rude to this chick, but subtly doesn’t seem to work on her. What should I do?
– Losing It

Dear Losing It;
So you actually could have scored with perky blonde sorority girls during “Rush Week” at Pittsburg U, if you had so chosen?
— The lies we tell ourselves, MeiGui.

Originally published on the Foreign Community Page of The China Post, 12/14/8

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Dear MeiGui: My girlfriend is insanely superstitious

Dear MeiGui;

My girlfriend is insanely superstitious, and I don’t know what to do about it.

I have been working as an English teacher for the last few months, but my actual education is in finance. I came to Taiwan looking for a break, and financial crisis and all – I found one. One of the perks of my new job is a beautiful Western style apartment. It has a full living room with pile carpeting; a gorgeous dining room; and a bedroom with mirrors on the ceiling. It is the definition of luxury. However, my girlfriend refuses to spend the night.

She says the mirrors on the ceiling will allow ghosts to enter our lives as we sleep. I just can’t reason with her.

How do I get her to calm down?
– Living Large

Dear Living Large;
She should heed the advice of my dear old Aunt Margie: “Forget the dead; it’s the living ones you need to worry about.”

– Keep that salt shaker handy, MeiGui

Originally published on the Foreign Community page of The China Post, Dec 08

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