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Best Blog Award
WE won TAIWANDERFUL’s ‘BEST BLOG AWARD, two years in a row! 🙂

The Wild East Magazine is an award-winning online writer’s collective based originally in Taiwan.
WE provide news, views & analysis of East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Wild East Mag: Best Taiwan Blog Award 2009
Wild East Mag: Best Taiwan Blog Award 2009

WE are a team of professional writers, researchers, and journalists with a strong sense of integrity. Our contributors have worked in media, government, education and research positions at universities & independently, & as investigative journalists.


Trista di Genova-CHANG
‘Arts magnet’ of Taiwan, Trista di Genova-CHANG

Trista di Genova-CHANG has worked as editor and features writer for many newspaper and media agencies in Taiwan, covering politics, travel, history, archaeology, languages, culture, entertainment and current events for the Discovery Channel, Taipei Times, The China Post, Taiwan News, AmCham’s Travel & Culture and Central News Agency.
Trista is a successful writer, having authored several works of scifi, fiction & poetry, and pioneered the establishment of the online publishing collective, Lone Wolf Press.
Trista graduated with high honors with a BA in Political Science/International Relations & French minor from UC Berkeley. CHANG holds two Master’s degrees, one in Women’s Studies from Oxford University, and another in Medical Humanities (Anthropology and Ethnobotany) from Taipei Medical University. Her biographical research on Alice Paul gained a distinction at Oxford, & her graduate thesis on PTSD in Afghan Refugee Women & Children was sought after by professionals working within disaster response & humanitarian agencies. CHANG also conducted research on Swedish Women in Politics at Stockholm University, Sweden, & won scholarships based on academic excellence at all of these institutions.
More recently, Trista was commended by Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior (MOI) for her graduate research in which she interviewed Atayal tribespeople in remote mountain villages of Hsinchu County (in Chinese), creating an innovative field guide to Indigenous Use of Plants.
Ms CHANG has been publishing online since 1997, & is believed to have “invented the blog”, when she essentially published her 1st book online — an ‘On the Road‘-like travelogue from a woman’s perspective called The AMAZIN’ AMAZON.
Trista is described as the ‘arts magnet of Taiwan’, having not only promoted many leaders of the expat community there, but curated & exhibited her artwork in several shows- including ‘THE WILD EAST’, ‘Contemplating Lilies’, & ‘BuddhaFish’.
Trista traveled throughout Ireland on a cycling tour, reading poetry from her book, “THE WAR ON SLEEP”; of course, she kissed the Blarney Stone!
CHANG currently resides on her eco-ranch in Tucson, Arizona with her Taiwan dog, Sir Dr. Yogi Baker & Dr. Hankie, a rescued pitbull. In the past six months, she’s published 20 albums of music, poetry and comedy on SoundCloud & on her Youtube channel, Trista&TheEdibles.
She’s running for Pima County Sheriff in 2020, & Arizona Governor in 2022!~

Publisher & Senior Editor

Comrade Phil

Phillip Charlier has been addicted to the Internet since 1993, to rockin’ out on the guitar since a wee lad, and currently runs Taiwan English News. In 1998, he started to learn HTML and created the Atherton Tableland Netguide. He believes in the adage that ‘information wants to be free’.

Lifestyle Editor

Rebecca Kehl
Rebecca Kehl

Rebecca Kehl speaks Mandarin fluently, as a long-time student of Chinese, & is a model & healer in her free time! Rebecca covers issues of lifestyle, spiritual positivity and well-being. She speaks about the soul and essence of the obvious, with keys to the outer world from the inner. She is a maestra when it comes to grasping the deep origins and roots of an issue, whilst offering real world inner and/or outer solutions.

Contributing Writers:

Dr. Josefu & Tiger Woods!
Dr. Josefu & Tiger Woods! Josefu has traveled the world extensively — every continent — & is an expert at golf!

Dr. Josefu Deyama is a Stanford-educated retired plastic surgeon and prominent anti-nuclear and peace activist, a world traveler who has pioneered several charitable organizations. He has covered medical issues as a correspondent for CNN, and was a producer for the Discovery Channel. He was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work rescuing child victims of sex-trafficking in Southeast Asia. He is currently authoring a series of memoirs about his amazing and colorful adventures (Lone Wolf Press).

Jonathan Chandler is a British cultural commentator currently based in Qingdao who has written a host of novels and published part of his series “Lowdown on Shanghai” on the Focus on China page of The China Post. Decades of experience living both in Taiwan and China have given him an unique insider’s perspective on cross-strait cultural affairs, and we are proud to be the first to publish his new series, “Lowdown on The Middle Kingdom.”

Rosanne Lin writes the fantastically witty and insightful cross-cultural advice column, “Dear MeiGui” (Dear Rosanne), originally published in The China Post. A master storyteller, she has also written for China Daily and speaks fluent Chinese.

Dan Bloom is an American freelance writer who covers topics such as climate change, literature, cinema and cultural issues across the world, and locally for Taipei Times and The China Post. He lives in southern Taiwan.

John Hancock is a professional tourist, currently based in Beijing, testing the air and feeling the atmosphere.

For queries about submissions, becoming a contributing writer or syndicating our work in other publications, use our Contact Form ; or send your story ideas & query to Editor-in-Chief: trista at thewildeast dot net.

Trista di Genova and Jean Baudrillard
Trista pokes Jean Baudrillard. It’s not the simulacra of a ‘Facebook poke’, nor a photoshop, it’s the real Trista with the real man,