Bon Jovi Woos His Chinese Audience with a Taiwanese Love Song

It has generated great publicity for Bon Jovi’s upcoming Asian tour, and a fierce debate between Chinese speakers on both sides of the strait. At the time of writing, the song has enjoyed more than 1.2 million views, 11,462 likes, and over one thousand comments on youtube.

One point of debate has been about Jon Bon Jovi’s Chinese pronunciation, and the consensus seems to be ‘not perfect, but good enough’.

The real bone of contention, however, concerns attribution, and the origin of the song. Bon Jovi’s youtube channel refers to the song as a “中国情歌” – using the simplified Chinese characters used in the communist Peoples Republic of China.

Taiwanese viewers have contested that it is a Taiwanese song, made famous by Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng (鄧麗君), who sang the song in the Mandarin Chinese language. Taiwanese netizens argue that the song should be described as 中文 or 中華, thereby attributing the song to Chinese language, or Chinese culture, but not to the country of China.

In fact, the song was written by Sun Yi (孫儀) with the melody composed by Weng Ching-hsi (翁清溪)and originally performed by Taiwanese singer Chen Fen-lan (陳芬蘭) in 1972.

And here is a playlist of Teresa Teng (鄧麗君) singing in perfect Japanese, just to piss off the 50 centers.

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FEPOW 70th anniversary event to be held at Taipei SPOT

fepow spot taipeiT

The Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society is holding a FEPOW Day (Far East Prisoners of War) event this coming Saturday evening August 15th at 5:30 pm. at the Spot Theatre – 18, Zhongshan North Road Sec. 2 in downtown Taipei.

At this time there is still plenty of space available and the group expects a good turnout in this 70th Anniversary year of the end of WWII POWs and veterans in Taiwan.

There will be a display of POW and military artifacts, a short memorial service to remember the POWs, and then Angeline Jolie’s feature POW film “Unbroken” will be shown, followed by the documentary “The Real Louis Zamperini”. For more details please see the homepage of the group’s website

Everyone is invited; so why not attend an informative and entertaining evening learning about Taiwan history? There is no admission charge and coffee and fruit drinks will be available. Dress is “smart casual”.

Please kindly let Michael Hurst MBE know by email ASAP if you would like to attend to reserve a seat:

See ya there !

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