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  1. Hello,

    I am interested in getting in contact with the individual who wrote a post titled ‘Predicting Who Will Be Taiwan’s Next President’ on January 12th, 2012. I read in the post that the writer teaches English to nursing students. I am a nurse from the U.S. and am interested in working with nursing students while in Taiwan.

    Would you be able to provide me the writer’s contact information or put me in contact with him or her?

    Thank you,
    Jilian Parzych

  2. My name is Chris i am a Nigerian student here is Malaysia at the moment,my attention was drawn to this link on the 20/07/2012
    This person involved is a family friend of my who we have lost contracted with all this while,i try to call the phone number to the Taipei Detention Center nor is speaking English,in my curiosity to reach the Center i came across your online news.
    Although i don’t have the local standing to question this publication (11 years in Detention Center and 6 attend to deport him for over staying his 30days visa)i will like your office to help us to reach him and if possible on how i can reach him either on phone or mail.
    This publication was on 2007 and it was 11years then by now it will be 16years and still in detention Center “refusing to be deported ”
    I will be very gratefully if your office can take this cause as an urgent international issue,
    Looking forward to your response
    Yours faithfully

  3. Hello, I’m Kevin lee, I just want to ask for a person who nams is “Jonathan Chandler”, and did he teach English in Taiwan many years ago? I’m his student and lose contact with him for a long time. Recently I found a letter which is Mr.jonathan wrote to my father and this letter recall my thought for my first English teacher! Could you give me answer as soon as you can? Thank you!

    By Kevin lee

  4. I’m very interested to read your magazine as each edition comes out. Any way of having it automatically posted to my Email site? If not, then how do I know when something new is there, other than by checking your website daily? I am an American in my early 70s, have lived and earneed my rice in 10 different Asian countries over a span of some 39 years, and am now in the central mountain region of Nantou County, Taiwan.

  5. Hey guys, I just moved to Taipei and while browsing the internet came across ‘the Writ’ poetry event in Taichung. I was hoping to find something like this in Taipei but haven’t come across anything yet. Can you tell me, does the event still take place? Or, can you point me in the right direction… towards anything that might be of interest to someone looking for a place to perform their own works. I really appreciate it. Best, – richie

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