Made in Taiwan: A Polynesian Adventure

In 2006 Oscar Kightley, of ‘Naked Samoan’ fame, and New Zealand radio/TV host Nathan Rarere traced their ancestry via DNA to Taiwan. They made a trek and documentary about it titled ‘Made in Taiwan’.

Kightley and Rarere began their journey in New Zealand, where they took a DNA swab, and sent it to a lab in England. From New Zealand, they retraced the journey of their ancestors via the Cook Islands, and eventually back to Taidong (Taitung), Taiwan.

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Censors pulled the original video. This is a report about the documentary that can’t possibly restricted to New Zealand. If Youtube pulls it, I’ll upload it somewhere else.

2 thoughts on “Made in Taiwan: A Polynesian Adventure

  • July 30, 2016 at 12:03 am

    It is a bit of a “non-talked about” secret that according to archeological digs on Taiwan, lif/culture/civilization has been found on Taiwan that pre-dates anything in China.
    There has been tremendous pressure put upon academic publishers to downplay these finds.
    Pressure coming from the PRC and its many long hands.
    As the saying goes – “The TRUTH will out !”

    • November 26, 2016 at 12:12 pm

      Interesting post. The origin of the Polynesians is a much debated topic.
      Taiwan takes a very important role since the Polynesian language is derived from Taiwanese (Formosan) Austronesian languages and through DNA.

      Another important topic would be the Da’ai or Ta’ai (Ta’ay); the little black people who were encountered by the Saisiyat tribe deep in the mountains of Wufeng.
      Other Taiwanese tribes have encountered the little black people too and later they even lived amongst them.
      This implies that Taiwan was already settled by non-Austronesians.
      Also of importance would be the cultivation of rice. The Da’ai taught the Saisiyat how to cultivate rice.
      Rice cultivation was considered an Austronesian innovation or trait yet the Austronesian Saisiyat learend it from the little black people.


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