About Us

The Wild East Magazine offers News, Views & Analysis from Greater China and the Asia-Pacific region, specializing in investigative coverage newspapers can’t afford to publish, or refuse to publish.

Trista di Genova has worked as editor and writer for all of the English-language newspapers in Taiwan, covering travel, features, entertainment and current events in a wide variety of publications for many years. She’s authored several books, and established the online publishing collective, Lone Wolf Press. A Berkeley and Oxford graduate, she has been publishing online since 1997. In fact, Trista has been described as “the inventor of the blog” and “the arts magnet in Taiwan.”

Phillip Charlier is a digital hippy fascinated by the social effects of technology. “We create objects, worship them, and then design our lifestyles around them. Primitive man had his carved idols, modern man had his motorcar, and here we are at the altar of information technology. Some things never change. Man is a fetishist.” Welcome to The Wild East.

Contributing Writers:
Rebecca Kehl covers issues of lifestyle and well-being. She speaks about the soul and essence of the obvious, with keys to the outer world from the inner. She likes to grasp deep the origins and roots of an issue, and offer real world inner and/or outer solutions.
Dr. Josefu Deyama is a man of countless extraordinary achievements. He’s a Stanford-educated retired plastic surgeon and prominent anti-nuclear and peace activist, a world traveler who has pioneered several charitable organizations. He covered medical issues as a correspondent for CNN, and was a producer for the Discovery Channel. He was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work rescuing child victims of sex-trafficking in Southeast Asia. He is currently authoring a series of memoirs about his amazing and colorful adventures (Lone Wolf Press).

Jonathan Chandler is a British cultural commentator currently based in Qingdao who has written a host of novels and published part of his series “Lowdown on Shanghai” on the Focus on China page of The China Post. Decades of experience living both in Taiwan and China have given him an unique insider’s perspective on cross-strait cultural affairs, and we are proud to be the first to publish his new series, “Lowdown on The Middle Kingdom.”

Rosanne Lin writes the fantastically witty and insightful cross-cultural advice column, “Dear MeiGui” (Dear Rosanne), originally published in The China Post. A master storyteller, she has also written for China Daily and speaks fluent Chinese.

Dan Bloom is an American freelance writer who covers topics such as climate change, literature, cinema and cultural issues across the world, and locally for Taipei Times and The China Post. He lives in southern Taiwan.

John Hancock is a professional tourist, currently based in Beijing, testing the air and feeling the atmosphere.

For queries about submissions, becoming a contributing writer or syndicating our work in other publications, email trista at thewildeast dot net.