Wake up and don't support John McCain

By Trista di Genova

Letter to the Editor: Tucson Citizen, Arizona Daily Star

Dear Editor,
At a campaign stop on Wednesday, Arizona Sen. John McCain was asked what to do about Iran. His response? He sang “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann.”
Every Arizona voter should be offended and disgusted with this irresponsible, contemptible and morally reprehensible behavior.
I urge everyone to think twice about supporting McCain’s candidacy for president.
Until now, the media has only focused on McCain’s service as a “war hero,” because he was captured and tortured in the war on Vietnam. This is only part of the story. We must not forget that John McCain the pilot was literally dropping bombs on innocent civilians in Vietnam and Cambodia.
His recent gaffe of chestbeating for a war with Iran just shows his true colors and hopefully proves without a doubt to your readers that he is unworthy of holding the highest office in the land.