Modern British Royals: A Study in Mediocrity

By Trista di Genova

Princes William and Harry, Royal pains

Princes Harry and William are literally a pale version of their mother, whom they don’t resemble at all, either physically in terms of charisma or charm, or in terms of depth, real empathy with anyone at all. Watch their vapid performance in this interview:
Examine their language for any original, free-thinking content. Can’t find any? Exactly.
They’ve apparently been protected and isolated by the Royal Palace to the point of blaring mediocrity. They seem like they’re on Prozac or something. How flat, neutral, boring, guarded and frankly a bit dim-witted are they? Look at the way William’s mouth makes him look rather brutish, deeply unattractive, when he’s shouting at a match or yelling at the driver of his car. Kate Middleton, his on-and-off girlfriend, has been criticized as “too common,” but so is William, and Harry for that matter. Harry smoked pot, but that is his only saving grace. He obviously must have identified with the Nazis to wear that get-up to a costume party. It definitely wasn’t for its humourous value; maybe he chose it out of some tasteless shock value, but most likely he decided to be a nazi for the evening out of a secret identification with the national socialists, playing out a fantasy. And the fact that he doesn’t even question Britain’s and the U.S. invasion of several countries –he just wants to go fight in and therefore justify a senseless war waged on innocents — just proves without a shadow of a doubt that these royals are lacking any brainpower, and suffer the lack of a stable, humanizing effect that apparently only their mother could provide.