Poetry for Congress

Dear Congress,
Do you see this picture? It’s head-scratchin’!
And inspires a new means of protest:
Let’s all scratch our heads, shall we
whenever faced with the presence
of our not-so-dear Pretender to the Throne,
the mad and mighty Mr. George WannaBe King/Anti-christ!
Shall we? We shall! / Skall vig? Vi skall.
Alors, To the Head-scratchin’ Incident!
To remind ourselves, une pense-bete
that we all, Senators among us
should be scratching our heads
trying to remember why
we haven’t impeached and prosecuted yet
we have to stop scratchin’ our heads
and just do it.
Tell your Senator/ Senetress/ Congresspeoples that
There is No Better Time Than Now — EVER — TO IMPREACH!
Stop Scratchin’!
Let us not sing
in the presence of the president;
impeach first;
introduce impeachment,
and lots of other suites;
a barrage to make him walk;
then prolly run out the door;
and leave us all in in godforsaken peace.
which should by all estimates be
a warmly embraced gesture
and legislation to boot.
Impeach for Me, I’m counting on You,
Trista N digNova
Senator at-Large,
Banciao City USA