Scott Cook's Taiwan Ramble

photo: Matt Robinson

Just a little note from the road, and a late-night, half-cut one at that.

It has been fabulous. Good old friends in Fulong, high misty mountains in Lishan, down through Taroko Gorge, a warm welcome from Venus & Jason & Peace Dave & Terry in Hualien, a breathtaking drive down the coast, fine hospitality with Barry in Dulan, killer times at Spring Scream (with too many good peoples to mention here), mellow vibes on Xiaoliouchiou, and now on our way up the west coast. Digging the hometown scenes in Kaoshiung, Tainan, and tonight in Changhua, with so many kind folks. The next two nights we’re wrapping up the trip in Taichung, old part-time stomping ground of mine.

It could be that I’m just a glutton for your attention, Taichung people, but lest I be accused of overplaying your town, I guarantee that I’ll play ENTIRELY different sets for both shows. Saturday I’ll be at the Early Bird Diner for a special afternoon show, 4-6pm, with Chris Bailey. I expect it to be wonderful. I’ll play some old tunes of mine, and some particularly Canadian covers, sandwiching a set of Chris’ solo material. It’ll be an informal afternoon hang, and I hope to spend it with some of you. I personally know of nothing better than music and a little warm beer shine on a Saturday afternoon. Where the night takes us from there, only fate knows.

Sunday evening I’ll be presenting my new songs in a concert setting at Retro Coffee, with the amazing Nick Fothergill opening the show at 7pm. No offense, but I do find the crowds here a little noisy for some of the tunes I feel strongest about, so I’m glad to be playing Scott Chen’s place again, for an audience that’s ready to hear stories, and even sad songs. We’ll be wrapped up by ten so you can all get a good night’s sleep before Monday morning.

On Tuesday we’re off to Thailand, and Cambodia from there. We’ll be back at the end of the month for a few shows with my old band The Anglers, and a little mini-festival at the Dakeng Refuge May 2nd. All the deets, as always, are on

I sure do love this island, and all you good folks who keep Freemosa free. Hope to see you along the way. Big love, blessings aplenty,


NB: Hey there fellow Freemosans, there are five shows left in my tour: the River in Jungli April 30, 89K May 1 with 3 Day Bender and the Anglers, Hobo Happiness at the Refuge May 2, jam night at Roxy Roots Wed May 5, back at Roxy Roots Fri May 7 with the Anglers & Three Day Bender, and a farewell show at Tianmu Alley Cats


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    • June 20, 2010 at 4:01 am

      Send us or give us a link to a full version of one of your songs and we’ll feature you as a feature artist. Maybe we can arrange and interview and write an article? Let’s do it. Impossible is nothing.


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