Peacefest 2010: It Flows Like a River / 2010和平音樂祭:如河般流動

Taoshan, Hsinchu County 新竹縣桃山 Photo: Trista di Genova/Peacefest
Taoshan, Hsinchu County 新竹縣桃山 Photo: Trista di Genova/Peacefest

Press Release: Peacefest 2010

Nestled in an idyllic valley between lush green mountains – peace runs like the river through it – Taoshan, Hsinchu County will be the site of this year’s seventh annual Peacefest Music Festival, taking place Friday to Sunday, October 8-10

Up to four thousand are expected to gather here that weekend, to see forty or so local and expat bands rock out for peace. The band lineup includes the return of Aboriginal singing legend Kimbo & friends (8-10 pm on Saturday), 14 aboriginal groups representing the tribes of Taiwan, an impressive list of the best expat bands around. A number of highly respected guest speakers are being lined up, as well. And as is custom, the Peace Circle will take place Saturday night at sundown with a prayer by the town priest, Father Ding, a.k.a. Barry Martinson.
此活動預計將有4千人參與,一同觀賞40多個本地樂團以及數個部落樂團的表演。 樂隊陣容包括原住民傳奇樂團”Kimbo & friends”的演出 (週六8-10PM),14 台灣原住民之代表團體,以及令人印象深刻的樂團名單。同樣的也有備受尊崇的特別嘉賓參與。和平音樂祭的傳統─和平祭將在星期六日落後舉行,由丁神父以及 Barry Martinson主禱。

There will be two stages, live music and DJs, lasers, two professionally run bars, 20 food vendors representing favorite international cuisines, firedancers and art projects the whole family can get involved in, such as making spiritcatchers with Canadian artist Felicia Rodrigues.
現場會有兩個舞台,現場音樂表演和 DJ主持,由兩個專業團體來操作。另外,更有20個中外國際美食攤位,火舞舞者以及藝術設計活動, 全家人均可參加此項活動,例如與加拿大藝術家Felicia Rodrigues一同進行編織”捕夢網”。

Their task now will be to get out the word through television, newspaper, radio and New Media outlets, in Chinese and English. Peacefest lovers will no doubt be excited to experience Taoshan’s many attractive offerings: guesthouses, vendors, camping, swimming, hotsprings, great music, and getting to know the friendly locals in such a peaceful, sacred mountain setting. Plus, it’s free entry for all!
我們需要做的是以中英文透過電視、報紙、電台及各媒體來傳達此活動。 和平音樂祭的愛好者無疑地會興奮的體驗到桃山各項引人之活動: 民宿、 攤販、 露營、 游泳、泡湯 、 精采的音樂,進而在寧靜且神聖的山區與當地人打成一片。

Peacefest organizers are excited to take part in promoting the area’s transformation into a cultural meetingplace, in holding a large cultural event where foreigners and locals can mingle freely, cementing new friendships and promoting deep bonds based on mutual trust, admiration and understanding.
和平音樂祭主辦單位很開心能夠參與此一大型文化活動,推動讓外國人和本地人可以自由來往、 創造友誼和促進相互信任、 欣賞和理解的場所。

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