Petition tries to keep Taiwan's only free animal hospital open

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Wild East news staff
Photo: Fred Hsu

A petition has begun circulating, targeting Yong Lin Charity Foundation, started by Stephanie Feldstein, to keep open Taiwan’s only free animal hospital.

Taiwan’s stray animal problem has been described as being of “epic proportions” … and it would be worse if it weren’t for the Love For Animals, Care For Life Charity Animal Hospital. The island’s only free animal hospital helps the Taiwan SPCA and other animal rescue groups treat injuries and spay/neuter stray dogs and cats.

The hospital was built by billionaire tech mogul, Terry Gou. Gou reportedly got involved in helping stray animals three years ago, when a teacher knelt in front of his office building for hours, asking people to help stop the killing of animals in shelters.

The Love For Animals, Care For Life Charity Animal Hospital plays a critical role in reducing animal suffering on Taiwan’s streets, but some members of Gou’s Yong Lin Charity Foundation would rather put the funding toward human cancer research.

Society can be judged by the way its animals are treated; and when a community’s animals are cared for, it improves everyone’s quality of life. That should be especially important for Gou’s associates, considering his company, Foxconn, recently came under fire for a string of worker suicides.

Show your support for the Love For Animals, Care For Life Charity Animal Hospital and the important work they’re doing to make a difference for Taiwan’s residents, both human and animal. Click here to sign.

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