Art Explores Indigenous Cultures from Taiwan to Australia

AiR, The Fourth Season Residency Artist Group Exhibition will exhibit in Taipei Artist Village & Grass Mountain Artist Village during the middle of November. The art pieces in TAV are based on video installations & paintings exploring issues related to “Life and Death” “immigrant culture” & “equal rights of aborigines”.

Life and Death

Taiwanese artist Ya-chu Kang will research the Taiwanese funerary paper sculpture culture, and the relationship between the burning ceremony and the values of society. The “unknown gifts” project will ask for participators to share their memories or feelings about death, and imagine a gift for themselves if they die. These gifts will then be made into paper sculptures and presented as an installation using video projections. This project is in collaboration with artist Christian Nicolay who will be responding to the sculptural work through sound to connect the real and imaginary worlds. The separation between life and death, known and unknown is valued and dealt with in many ways through the human imagination and curious practices of ritual and superstition. Through this exploration the artists ask the participators and viewers to re-examine their idea of afterlife, and the traditions and practices associated with it.

Philippine Migration

Philippine artist Don Salubayba will create “PEREGRINATION/CHU AIJI JI”, a piece about the Filipinos who chose to be here in Taipei. In ancient times, Taiwan and the Philippines were physically connected via a land bridge. The first wave of immigrants in the Philippines came from Taiwan (Austronesian). Driven by the changing weather, food supply and other natural occurrences, they were driven southward, all the way to Australia and New Zealand. With this base historical backbone, he would like to compare the phenomenon to the more contemporary issue of Filipinos migrating to Taiwan. The piece will explore the concept of journey, survival and home. It will involve multimedia materials from a collection of stories, moving images, found objects, and projected drawings.

Cultural Survival

“Worlds Apart” is a video-based work depicting the hearts, minds and spirits of the Yindjibarndi, who despite the enormous forces of the mining boom, still stand strong. Created by Michael Woodley and Sohan Ariel Hayes. Artists use digital projections to represent the deluge of drink, of blood flooding across a pub facade. Yet, in the tumult and horror that continued for around 40 years, there is still a great hope in Roebourne. In the torrents that swept so many away, some kept their Law strong and stood like immovable rocks. They are still standing strong and as that strength has multiplied, their voices ring out and join a chorus of ancient peoples around the globe who call for their long and overdue right to self-determination.

Music and Dance

Asian- Canadian artists Ming Hon & Howie Shia will display ”Wish Wash”, a video installation in GAV 92 Art Center. Artists will create a multidisciplinary outdoor performance piece with the English drama club of the Hutian Elementary school for the opening inside the Bamboo Courtyard of the Taipei Artists Village. Born in Hong Kong and brought up in Winnipeg, Canada, Ming Hon is an independent dancer, performance artist and choreographer. Born to Taiwanese parents in the prairie city of Saskatoon, Canada, Howie Shia is an independent artist and animator.There, sheltered by foliage from the surrounding din of the city, the artists will re-invent the space in a surreal performance of live solo dance, projected animation, and a chorus of children.

Date:2010/11/12 (Fri.)~12/26(Sun.)
Opening:2010/11/12 (F) 7 pm.
Site:Barry room, Taipei Artist Village

Participant Artists:
Ya-chu Kang (Taiwan) & Christian Nicolay (Canada)
Don Salubayba (Philippines)
Sohan Ariel Hayes (Australia)

Date:2010/11/13 (Sat.)~12/12(Sun.)
Opening:2010/11/13 (Sat) 11 am.
Site:92 Art Center, Grass Mountain Artist Village

Participant Artists:
Ming Hon & Howie Shia (Canada)

Exhibition series events:

1.【Wish Wash】Ming Hon & Howie Shia crossover performance
2010/11/12 (Fri) 7 pm & 11/13 (Sat) 7pm / Bamboo Yard
2.【Gallery Talk】Don Salubayba 2010/11/27(Sat) 1-2 pm./ Barry room
3.【Unknown】Ya-chu KangWorkshop 2010/11/27(Sat) 2-4 pm./ Bamboo Yard
4.【Gallery Talk】Sohan Ariel Hayes 2010/11/28(Sun.) 1-2 pm./ Barry room

指導單位Supervisor:行政院文化建設委員會 Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan 主辦單位Organizer:臺北市政府文化局 Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government 財團法人台北市文化基金會 Taipei Culture Foundation 策劃執行Executive Producer:財團法人台北市文化基金會藝術村營運部 Department of AIR, Taipei Culture Foundation 贊助 Sponsor:加拿大駐台北貿易辦事處 Canadian Trade Office in Taipei 特別感謝 Special Thanks:臺北市北投區湖田國小 Hutian Elementary school , Pei Tou District,Taipei

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