Hip Hop ONE LOVE Christmas party Dec. 18

oneloveBy Wild East staff

On Saturday, December 18, 2010 N.S.E. presents the Hip Hop ONE LOVE Christmas party!

N.S.E. (New Stream Eternity) clothing company is sponsoring the “ONE LOVE” Hip Hop party to celebrate the coming together of people to hear great music.

The holiday event will be featuring THC , Crazy Mic, Lil’ E, Soul J, MC Tang, and TWBeatbox.com. Featured DJs are Mixter-T, D-tore,and Ooh Child.

The party is 8 PM-12 AM all you can drink, and is located at Juliana’s, behind SOGO on Zhong Xiao E. Road, Taipei.

There will be clothing giveaways from from sponsors N.S.E., Frank’s, and Claxxic, as well as a free mixtape CD from the performing artists.

Come enjoy an evening of X-mas merry-making and authentic Hip Hop culture from East and West! Hip Hop 1 Love!

N.S.E. Hip Hop ONE LOVE X-mas Party
Saturday December 18, 2010 8PM-12AM
Location: Juliana’s (behind Zhong Xiao SOGO) Da An Road, Section 1, lane 31, no.29 Taipei, Taiwan
All You Can Drink. Gentlemen 800 Ladies 400 (presale tickets are 100NT discount)

Featuring: THC, Crazy Mic, Lil’ E, Soul J, MC Tang, TW Beatbox, DJ Mixter-T, DJ D-tore, DJ Ooh Child

N.S.E品牌聯名派對合作聯名 嘻哈 1Love 聖誕節跨年
party2010 12月18號 晚上8點~12點Juliana食尚餐飲運動酒吧
台北市大安路一段 31巷29號
票價售價更動! 預售票 女300 男700
現場票 女400 男800 11月15號~12月17號!開始開放買票!
表演團體/藝人 名單
台北THC饒舌團體 邀請次數有如豬哥亮夜店大紅牌
麥克瘋子CRAZY MIC MC顏 饒舌名師
手斤口 派對MC 豐富專業的主持人身分
沈懿 中港台最愛饒舌藝人 周杰倫御用MC
DJ Mixter-T T先生
DJ D-Tore
DJ Ooh Child
任何酒類無限暢飲及餐點贈送現場個饒舌藝人專輯合輯 衣服 也將收錄N.S.E品牌精神歌抽獎活動 等各項精品.衣服.網帽.外套.等等大獎!

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