'VERMILION STORIES’ art opening tomorrow @ The Sugar Factory

The Wild East news staff

The opening for British artist Tim Nathan Joel’s latest exhibition, ‘THE VERMILION STORIES SHOW’ (and 40th Birthday Party) is taking place at the Grand Exhibition Room of the Dulan Sugar Factory in Dulan, Taitung, at 4pm on Saturday, April 23rd, 2011.

The Vermilion Stories are Joel’s 40 latest oil paintings, a body of work that narrates certain moments, scenes and encounters experienced since Tim began painting in April 2000. Each work incorporates Vermilion red as their compositional lines, representing the spirit and soul of the painting. All compositions are painted onto a warm cadmium and yellow background, two colours both strongly associated with the artist himself, expressing his warmth of character and love of the sun. Each painting is also accompanied by a dialogue — their voice, their story. By allowing the painting to speak represents the poetry of life, seen through the eyes of a painter and oil on canvas. The exhibition will be on until June.

The event promises, as Joel puts it, “Good food. Good music. Good energy. Good company. The moon. The sun. Other shining stars… And a rabbit.”

For those familiar with the Dulan Sugar Factory, the venue for this event is called Siki and Shan Shan’s main industrial-sized workshop/exhibition room, along the south end of the factory, next to the car parking area. There will be a small, intimate music stage set up beside the building looking north.

“It’s a great place to be,” says Joel, “and the Dulan Cafe is right beside us. Various performers will be up on that stage throughout the event. It’s there for anyone who has something to say — or do.”

Food and other refreshments will be available all night.

One important note: “Please bring with you a vessel to drink from. A glass, a cup, a mug, a goblet, a hollow gourd etc.. Just like we ask of you at
The Red Room. There’s no point in wasting lots of paper/plastic cups.”

Upon entering the exhibition space, you will be given a raffle ticket, enabling the chance to win an original oil painting. The winning number will be drawn later that night.

“At some given moment during the evening of April 23rd, live painting will be happening,” Joel added. “Easels are dotted all around the exhibition space. The stage for music is set up as a part of that space. At a certain time someone or some people will be performing on that stage while artists paint them. This may last for about 15-20 minutes, maybe less, maybe longer. The night will dictate… So, if you would like to be part of that happening, as in, on that stage, at an easel or filming it all. Then say so…Thank you.”

Make a weekend of it. Enjoy the calm, culture and creative energy of Taiwan’s beautiful East Coast. Hiring a scooter or bicycle while in Taitung is recommended. Camping is also an option. Check the posts on Tim’s FB page comments and threads.

The weekend is sure to be a fun and memorable one.

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