Ballots NOT Bullets – Debut Live Show @ The Wall

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Thursday, May 5 • 8-9pm @ The Wall, 200 Roosevelt Road, Taipei

Ballots NOT Bullets, the newly minted band of lead singer Torch Pratt, Dmitry Sergeev, Fabrice Maes and “Ant”, land their first gig this Thursday – at Taipei wondervenue, The Wall.

As for the band’s mission, Torch says: “We’re attempting to create out of thin air a new genre, called “Busker Rock.” The basic idea is that these are researched, populist statements of facts that are of grave concern to humanity. Heck, look at the band’s name, and think about all the unrest in the MENA over dickhead rulers who dominate press freedom.”

“If you watch our YouTube videos,” he continued, “you’ll learn that “Sharpen your Pencil” is about Steven Covey’s (7 habits guy) rule to “sharpen the axe,” in other words, to constantly improve oneself. I strongly believe that this spirit of working hard, doing your best, and having fun has permeated the band, and everyone’s work ethic has improved, including mine, when it comes to preparing for the show.”

Ballots Not Bullets: Have a Nice Day Song by Torch Pratt


• 親愛的朋友們:
我很興奮的告訴你,我組了一個新樂團!Ballots NOT Bullets是我們的名字,我們演奏一些有趣又能夠跳舞的搖滾樂。我熱情的邀請你來我們的第一次演出。5月5號星期四,晚上 8:00到 8:40,表演地點在公館附近的The Wall Live House 這牆音樂藝文展演空間,地址是116台北市文山區羅斯福路四段200號B1(羅斯福路基隆路口,百老匯影城地下室)。如我你需要更多的資訊或是有任何疑問,請寫信到我們的信箱。感謝各位!希望能在那天見到大家!

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  • May 4, 2011 at 12:59 am

    Hey, Trista! Great story, thanks!

    I didn’t really want you to post the interviews, I just wanted to answer the questions you asked me. Maybe I can do it here?

    Torch Pratt, BNB singer and guitarist


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