Bringing comedy to the Taipei countryside

On Saturday, Sept. 3rd, Jubei’s Sports Bar presents Hsinchu’s first Comedy feast! Location: Wen Xin Road, No 53, Ju bei, Hsinchu City, 竹北市文興路一段53號

Ladies and Gentlemen we’re in for a treat: this coming Saturday night, get ready to laugh your ass off. There will be 11 amazing acts ready to keep you in stitches throughout the night.

The acts include a buttload of incredibly funny comedians, Taiwan’s famous improv team, and the one and only Matt the Puppet Guy.

The Lineup: Torch Pratt to MC and open up, Trista Sista (digtastic di Genova), Iain “the nicknameless” Dickie, John (JONG ZILLA), Luke “The unfunny” Georgiou, Sean R. Hunter, Taichung Improv players, Mr Nicholas The Sando, Tobie Openshaw, and finally our Headliner Matt Bronsil, The Puppet Guy.

No entrance fee! Guaranteed smiles all round, and draft beer at 120NT! There’s no excuse to miss Hsinchu’s first Comedy night.

Tell your friends, and tell them to tell their friends and tell their friends to tell their friends and tell…l Ahh you get the picture.

The Wild East: Care to comment on the fact that this event will draw the best in today’s comedic talent to an unknown part of Taiwan… for nothing but free alcohol as pay? What does that say about the comics?! Are you all boozehounds or … deeply devoted to comedy or some horsesh*t like that? I don’t get it. Somebody please explain the motivations/inspirations going on here?

Matt Bronsil: I could get beer for cheeper by staying home and not travelling. I’m a stage whore.

Luke Georgiou‎’s rule of stand up Take stage time whenever you can. I went out last weekend and everyone I spoke to is talking about it. Word’s really buzzing around town and it looks to be a full house, 100-something people.

Robert Pratt: I’m doing this show because, truthfully, I’m very devoted to comedy in Taiwan. I’ll drag my guitar and props anywhere there’s a show, and I don’t care about the money or paying to travel there. The rush you get from being onstage and making people laugh is a blast, and quite addictive once you get good at it. Seeing your friends perform is also super-fun, because they’re also funny as hell. Events like this build up the local community in a friendly atmosphere. Making new friends is also a bonus. No horsesh*t!

Location: Wen Xin Road, No 53, Ju bei, Hsinchu City, 竹北市文興路一段53號

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