Potluck in DaAn Park – Rain or Shine

Jenna on the mandolin. Photo: TdG
By Taipei Potluck & Music Circle – 大安公園共享音樂餐會

WHEN: Sunday, November 6 · 3:00pm – 10:00pm, Taipei, Taiwan
Location: Da An Park – 大安森林公園 Walk north from the Heping / Jian Guo Road Corner edge of the park, to the second pavillion. Call if you can’t find it, but please read first (0921863891)

時間 10月2日 · 15:00 – 21:00
地點 Da An Park – 大安森林公園 (call me if you can’t find us, but please read first 召集人 (0921863891)

Let’s make a Peace Circle together. Let’s make some cool music.
Let’s do Whatever… Let’s open our hearts and minds….

Come create community with us. This is potluck number 36… That’s a lot of Potlucks! How long has it been since you came out and joined us?

As of now, potluck has only 4 “rules”:
1. Be kind
2. No meat on the shared table (the pavillion)
3. Try to reduce waste
4. Please throw away your waste

圍在一起和樂地聚會, 分享音樂, 一起做些甚麼事, 管它是甚麼, 敞開我們的心胸. 攜手打造我們的社群

第36次 potluck 歡迎各位舊雨新知


1. 要心地善良 be kind
2. 食物分享桌不接受肉類 (涼亭底下)no meat on the shared table (the pavillion)
3. 盡力做到零廢棄 try to reduce waste
4. 新規則-自己帶來的垃圾自己帶走 NEW RULE – please throw away your garbage

雨天照常舉行, 那裏有個涼亭可躲雨 ; 帶些蠟燭, 自備餐具 , 帶些東西來分享, 故事, 笑話或新點子也不錯.

…..其它簡介暫無中譯(有人可以接手嗎?) 請參考社團簡介(英文)

If it rains, we will still be there (we have some covered space there for us!) So come on out!! Bring candles! Bring your own bowl and utensils….bring something to share! (your creativity is something too)

No meat please. Bring other foods. Fruit, cooked food in containers that you take back with you (there’s a garbage pail, but we don’t want to fill it), or whatever you want.

We’ll be inviting some amazing (and beginner) jugglers, POI Artists, Diablo Masters, belly dancers, musicians, drummers, HULA queens, and a whole array of interesting ppl for you to meet and get to know (in English and Chinese!)

You don’t have to be vegetarian to come. We just share veg food and snacks there though, so everyone can eat.

Come by any time between 3 and 8 pm. (we sometimes stay till 10)
No waste, please. Just bring what you can contribute…

Please bring No Garbage. Bring less things that have to be thrown away.

Best of all, is if you can cook a dish or create something yourself to share! Then you can take the pot back home. If you bring snacks, try and avoid the ones that have a lot of packaging….so there is less to throw away.

Please bring your own bowls and utensils to eliminate having to throw away stuff!! Bring extra for those who have forgotten.

Bring your drums, guitars, mandolins, shakers, horns, etc. Bring your hackey, frisbee, juggling equipment, blankets, candles, etc.

Offer to share your experiences in form of a workshop…

There is plenty of space…previous activities have included Tai Chi, Kong Fu, Belly Dance, Juggling, Frisbee, Song Circle, Drum Circle, Henna art. But maybe you have something new and interesting to share! Bring it on. Kids are welcome too, by the way….We love kids!

Don’t speak English?… please do come! Most of us are bi-lingual anyway. We’ve had people from all over the world visit with us.

Please bring your friends! Tell em it’s vegetarian!

It’s very convenient. You can find us at the second pavilion north of Heping and Jien Guo Road, on the edge of Da An park. Close to the corner of Heping and Jian Guo Road!! Or bring my number, best of all 0921863891.

It’s a big park, so don’t go walking around randomly, that’s a waste of time!

Closest MRT stations are Da An, or Technology Building MRT stations on the Brown Line! Then it’s a 10 minute walk to the park from them both. Just ask folks to point you in the right direction or GET A MAP for free at the MRT station.

Or call me, Brian, at 0921863891 any time!

Check out our previous articles and Facebook page for ideas and inspiration.

Love you all
Brian and Jenna and the Potluck gang

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