Heiress Trista di Genova enters US presidential race

By Wild East news staff

Trista di Genova in a 1997 bid for City Council in Washington, DC. Photo: DC UPCLOSE
Trista di Genova has inherited US$250 million and has announced she will be entering the 2012 US presidential race as a Democratic contender against Barack Obama.

In a press release, she says she is “thrilled” her dream has come true, and to have an opportunity to serve her country and finally address the many urgent problems facing the country, such as education, health care, the environment and economy.

In a telephone interview by The Wild East staff, shortly before boarding a flight at Taoyuan International airport to the US, she was asked if there were any misgivings about being a Washington outsider: “With the current gridlock and rampant corruption in Congress and the lack of political will to listen to the public’s demands even at the highest levels of our country, a political outsider is exactly what we need at this time. Someone who’s not bought and paid for by special interests. The catch is usually, you can’t become president in America today without a huge fortune like this behind you. Well now the game is afoot!”

Di Genova, a UC Berkeley and Oxford graduate, has been living in Europe and Asia for the past 10 years, and came into fortune by being the descendant of the inventor of a macaroni machine.

A journalist from Tucson, Arizona who worked for Taipei Times and The China Post and until now has been pursuing graduate studies at Taipei Medical University, di Genova says she will be departing immediately to the US to put together her campaign, and adds, “Unlike everyone else in Washington, I will never forget my Taiwan friends.”

PS: Happy April Fool’s!

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