‘War on Sleep’ now available through Lone Wolf Press

PUB6small“The War on Sleep,” a collection of poetry by Trista di Genova (2010)
Taipei: Lone Wolf Press, 2010
ISBN: 978-986-88302-2-6 Price: 200NT/US$8/e-book US$4

STAY AWAKE IF YOU DARE… Anything that can keep your eyes wide open when you’d much rather be passed out is covered within these pages: rocky relationships, love unrequited and unsolicited, sex, drugs & rock n’ roll, rave parties, feelings of isolation, betrayal, existentialism, the end of the world, environmental catastrophes, the downside of working for a living, annoying kids, the uncanniness of pets, corrupt politicians, morally and spiritually bankrupt modern societies, the awesome power of Mother Nature, the global media, tyrants, cigarettes, snuff, war, peace, protest, noise pollution in Taiwan… and all the other random musings that have a FIELD DAY, keeping your eyes off The Prize; that is, getting some goddamned shut-eye…

Read an excerpt, ‘once i’m there’

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