Taichung Refuge ‘Writ IV’ event a Mecca for writers this weekend

Megan Dooley putting on an amazing performance at The Writ IV. Photo: Trista di Genova
“The Written Word is Solace, A Sword, A Universe in a World.”— Paul Davies

“The Writ: Words Over a Deep Hole” will provide a literary evening at The Taichung Refuge this Saturday, September 29, 2012.

Some of the Readers/Performers include: Kevin MacCash, Megan Dooley, Keith Nipper Gypsi, Hopey The Wizzard of oDd, Rachel McPhail, Trista Pimptastic Chang, David Wood, Raven.

Doors open at 7PM and 200NT gets you an evening with authors, poets, singer/song writers, theatrical dramatic performers, a delectable DJ and a drink. Come early to get a seat near the stage! Seats are limited. Doors will be shut while performances are on, so be sure to be there on time!

David Wood, puttin' on The Writ. Photo: Trista di Genova

The Participants will include those dabbling in: *Spoken Word *Rappers *Poets *Singer/Song Writers *Theatrics *Published Authors Reading bits from their Books. Some authors have books for sale, make sure you grab a signed one!

All Inquiries: TheRefugeCommunity@Live.Com

ADDRESS: The Refuge in Dakeng DongShan Paradise 東山樂園! 台中市北屯區東山路二段151之2號 東山樂園 Taichung Taiwan
From Taichung: Zhong Gang Road… get on to Wenxin (or Wenshin) Road and go NORTH.
You stay on this road the WHOLE WAY.
Wen Xin (OR WENSHIN) Road turns into DONGSHAN Road or Route 129!

The Writ IV took place this weekend, the ultimate in Taiwan writer's gatherings
Cross over BEITUN (sometimes spelled PEITUN). Though this Road changeS its name from Wenxin to Dongshan – IT IS THE SAME ROAD!
Stay on DONGSHAN until you get to the DAKENG TRAFFIC CIRCLE (If there wasn’t a Temple in the middle, go straight ahead!)
Go around the Traffic Circle and continue NORTH on 129 (Dongshan Road) (you’re almost there 5 more minutes!)
It looks a bit like a castle. We are the serfs in the back of the castle hidden snug away!
Look for Home-made REFUGE Signs AND FOLLOW THEM… to the Parking lot.

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