Top 10 reasons to check out Chingchuan’s new Youth Cultural Center

A year's worth of hard work by a small group of dedicated, caring people is finally paying off this weekend!

By Fr. Barry Martinson / The Wild East

The Taoshan Youth Cultural Center opened in Chingchuan, Hsinchu County.

Here are the top 10 reasons to go check it out!

1. CHINGCHUAN ALREADY HAD AN ABANDONED BUILDING… The old Taushan credit union/coop building had been abandoned and unusable for over ten years. Neither the government, nor coop, nor credit union members did anything to repair it.

2. …BUT CHINGCHUAN HAD NO COMMUNITY CENTER. Outside of the school and churches, Chingchuan did not have any place to hold meetings.

3. ALSO, CHINGCHUAN HAD NO YOUTH CENTER… The youth of Chingchuan had no place for activities and enrichment courses. Other than the school and churches, there was nowhere for them to develop their talents in music, arts and crafts, language, tribal culture and social skills. The new Center has lined up an impressive array of courses and voluntary teachers, who will help the students during the coming years.

4. …AND CHINGCHUAN HAD NO CULTURAL CENTER. Craftsmen in Chingchuan had no place to showcase their products and promote Tayal culture and development. The new Center will enable locals to exhibit their products and share their culture among themselves and others.

5. OUTSIDERS OTHERWISE MIGHT HAVE USED THE BUILDING FOR BUSINESS. Within a few years, if nothing was done to stop it, the houses in choice locations alongside the road might be taken by outside merchants. The establishment of the youth cultural center will insure that at least that building remains in the hands of the local villagers.

6. THE YOUTH CENTER WILL HELP DEVELOP CHINGCHUAN. The houses along the main road are in much worse condition now than in years past. The youth center might inspire a general repair of other old houses in the village. This will enable villagers to be proud of themselves as well as their village.

7. SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE HELPED TO REALIZE THIS DREAM. Many people, including native Taiwan residents and ex-pats from other countries, have already sacrificed both their money and time to make this Center a reality. These are good-hearted people whose only motivation is to help the people of Chingchuan. They have asked for nothing in return.

8. THE COMMUNITY CENTER IS ALREADY FINISHED! Despite obstacles and a cost of over NT 3 million, the Center’s renovation is complete. It is ready to be used by the youth of Chingchuan and villagers who wish to promote their culture.

9. THE GRAND OPENING. The Taushan Youth Cultural Center officially opened its doors with a ceremony on Sunday, November 25, 2012, at 11 AM.


Father Barry showing off the new and improved community center in the Aboriginal community of Chingchuan, considered Taiwan's most socio-economically disadvantaged. Renovations took a year to complete.

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