‘Taiwan Book Fest 2’ features local writers @ Huashan

Taiwan Book Fest showcased the work of local writers on Taiwan. Some of the writers, from left to right: Richard Saunders, Stig Hansen, Trista di Genova, Nick Kembel, Lisa Furtado, and on the right, John Ross.
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TAIWAN BOOK FEST 2 is at Huashan Arts Center in Taipei (but a better – bigger, quieter – venue than Alleycats) noon to 6pm on April 21, this Sunday.

Says organizing author John Ross, “I’ve got Elias Eks (a business book) and Richard Saunders (his new guide to the islands of Taiwan).”

One of the attending authors, Lisa Furtado.
“I’ve got some young blood too, a chap called Nick Kembel. You’ve written up his book,” he said.

“And a chap called Vincent Stoia. (More info)

Steven Crook will not be back, unfortunately.

“…As will Taffy (Michael Cannings) who since the last Book Fest has put out an ebook,” Ross added.

“…And a guy named David Pendery who has just done a book on Taiwan.

Wild East editor-in-chief Trista di Genova, also an authoress, willl be there representing Lone Wolf Press with two new books, “The Swede in Me,” and “Chameleon de Neuilly.”.

Lisa Furtado will also be there!

Write on!

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