Exposure! Open air art market a huge success

Always a great event, Exposure! takes place today noon to 6pm at Taipei Artist Village.

Exposure, the open air art market is back and in full effect. Bring your friends and family for an exciting day of festivities. Join two dozen international artists and of various mediums, bands, DJs and food stalls.

There’s no cover charge, it’s free. Through your support, artists are able to expose their work and skills. You can converse with the artists, browse various styles of art, purchase art work or just relax and have a refreshing beverage with friends.

Join us for a day where art wafts through the air.

There are still tables available. If you would like to be a part of Exposure, please contact Felicia at felish.rodrigs@hotmail.ca

Exposure, 露天藝術市集又回來了並且全面啟動中。帶著您的朋友和家人來參與這一整天讓人興奮的慶祝活動。聚集了二十多個國際藝術家和各種不同方式的藝術展現,樂隊, DJ們和食物攤位。


在這充滿藝 術氣息的一天加入我們。


仍然還有空餘的攤位,如果你想成為展覽的一員,請聯絡 Felicia ,電子郵件信箱 felish.rodrigs@hotmail.ca

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