Trista di Genova joins ATAYAL board of directors

Ms di Genova is studying Atayal gardens in Hsinchu County.
The Wild East

The ATAYAL organization officially welcomes Trista di Genova as a member of its Board of Directors

Tainan City, Taiwan – May 13, 2013 – The ATAYAL Organization officially welcomed Trista di Genova to its board of directors on Monday. Trista has attended ATAYAL events in Taiwan and written articles about them. Trista is a well-known writer of Taiwanese culture and events, with years of experience with Taiwan’s English-language newspapers. The decision to invite her made not long after founder Tony Coolidge discovered she was studying the dietary habits of the Atayal tribe in Chingchuan, Hsinchu County.

“I was impressed by Trista di Genova‘s ability to tell compelling stories, and I saw that she was well-connected in Taiwan.” stated Mr. Coolidge. “I was moved by her enthusiasm about indigenous culture and people in Taiwan.”

Trista di Genova presenting at the AISA conference in Tempe, Arizona earlier this year.
As a board member, di Genova will provide advice on media and public relations for ATAYAL programs. She has headed the award-winning Wild East Magazine and is a published author with Lone Wolf Press. A graduate of both UC Berkeley and Oxford University, she has worked with all the English-language newspapers in Taiwan.

The ATAYAL organization was founded in 2001 to provide a window into the indigenous culture of Taiwan for increased international awareness. In June 2012, after traveling to Taiwan, ATAYAL’s founder revised the mission to share the Austronesian culture of Taiwan as it relates to the Austronesian nations of the Pacific. The non-profit organization, based in the United States, is actively creating cultural exchange programs between New Zealand and Taiwan and a film project.

For Press Inquiries, please contact the ATAYAL Organization or call (407) 459-7766.

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