Taichung Refuge fundraiser to help rescue strays

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'Refugees' will gather for this FUNdraising event Saturday evening at Dong Shan Paradise, 151 Dong Shan Road, Taichung, Taiwan
Because of the recent Rabies Scare, Taichung Refuge is teaming up with other organizers and those working with animals to help support them in their cause, by having a “FUNdraiser” Saturday, Aug. 17th at the Taichung Refuge, starting 5 p.m.

Many of the shelters are overloaded right now and need supplies, to have equipment updated, get animals proper medical care.

“This is a reach out to the community,” says The Refuge’s founder, “Boston Paul” Davies. “It’s not just for the animals, it is also for the safety of the community at-large.”

There will be staff from local shelters giving information on the recent rabies scare as well.

The Taichung Refuge, which is held at the former Dongshan Amusement Park on the outskirts of Taichung, will have Bands and DJs.

‘Refugees’ will gather for this FUNdraising event Saturday evening at Dong Shan Paradise, 151 Dong Shan Road, Taichung, Taiwan.

台中市北屯區東山路二段151之2號 東山樂園 台中市北屯區東山路二段151之2號 151 Dong Shan Road 東山樂園

Bands/DJs so far:

1. DJ ReDo
2. Gypsi
3. HMS_Black
4. Tyler Rankin
5. Raven
6. A-A-Ron
7. Acoustic Lyres

The Refuge is organizing a raffle and will be asking local businesses for help in organizing giveaways and prizes.

COVER: 500NT – Gets ‘Refugees’ a drink, music, a rabies briefing and the LOVE from all the Shelters we are helping to support.

All Ticket Proceeds go to the Ones that Need It — people like Nelie Aucamp and Rita Blunck who are working in the trenches, along with many others who are trying to make this topsy-turvy world sane again.

One of the shelters is called “Wang Wang” (pron. Wong Wong – ish which is the Chinese Equivalent of “Bark Bark”), there is also MANA (Many Animals Need Assistance). We are getting in touch with other shelters around the Island to UNITE! The Government is not doing so much at this point to help…. so it is up to us!

Taichung Munchies is donating a “Munchies Meal for 2” as a raffle prize. If you win it, you get your choice of soup/stew/chili starter, plus your choice of a main entree to share, plus your choice of dessert (two brownies/mini apple crisps).*
Thank you Munchies!

Check out our Facebook page for what we have in the freezer right now, and what we have on the regular menu.

*All foods to be delivered in a single delivery.

Eric Ganassin from Full Lotus Yoga Taichung 台中展蓮瑜珈Full Lotus Yoga 展蓮瑜珈 has donated a five-class pass for The Raffle! Full Lotus Studio is a relaxing Meditative Atmosphere with Excellent Teachers.

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