’20 questions’ with author Trista di Genova

By Mandy Chang, Wild East Exclusives

Mandy Chang interviews author Trista di Genova
Q. What’s your name? Trista di Genova

Q. How many people are there in your family?
I don’t know. Maybe 7 billion?

Q. What is your star sign? Capricorn

Q. Where are you from? Tucson, Arizona USA

Q: How long does it take to fly from your hometown to here by airplane? A day and a half.

Q. What things will you associate with your country? Corrupt government and contaminated food supply. Fluoride in the water. Nice people.

Q. Why do you come to Taiwan?
Was in search of culture shock and wanted to learn Chinese.

Q. What do you do in Taiwan/ in your country?
Teach and research at TMU (Taipei Medical University) on ethnobotany.

Q. How do you like Taiwan? Long and hard.

Q. What do you like most in Taiwan? And why? My family here is the best.

Q. What are your hobbies? Painting, cooking, gardening, singing, performing, writing creatively, travel

Q: Do you like watching baseball game? Who is your favorite team or player?
No I think baseball is super-boring.

Q: Do you like listening to music? Who is your favorite artist or composer? Yes I do. My favorite right now is Fela Kuti, the inventor of Afro-beat.

Q: Please tell us what your favorite and least favorite food are? Pickled bamboo = least favorite. most favorite = ginger or cinnamon, maybe basil. All superfoods.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Ride a scooter in the mountains.

Q: What are your specialties? I’m a great cook, can sing well, excellent writer.

Q: Are there any cultural differences you find hard to accept when you first came to Taiwan?
People don’t look before crossing the street or entering traffic.

Q: Is there anything that impressed you in Taiwan? Sure there are lots of things. There’s a nice feeling of personal safety… and how helpful and generous Taiwanese people are.

Q: Is there anything in which you are interested and you don’t have in your own hometown ? Taiwanese-style buffets.

Q:How did you learn Chinese well? By asking a million questions, studying a long time, and dating attractive Taiwanese people!

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