Letters from a tense Thailand

"Phuket is like Detroit. A city they built for a population that isn't coming anymore. A faded beauty."
By Kevin MacCash (listen to his music here)

Jan 23.
Phuket is like Detroit.

A city they built for a population that isn’t coming anymore. A faded beauty.

Since the protests started the people are coming less and less and since they declared a state of emergency in Bangkok and surrounding provinces people have canceled their flights.

The bars are mostly empty here. The owners are standing around waiting for the guests to show up.

The bar I am sitting in has been empty all night and its been pretty much that way all week. Theres alot of folks they invested their life savings and bought a bar or restaurant here. Theres alot of bars and restaurants they have for sale signs posted outside. They shut down alot of government services as well.

Still that considered it feels safe here. Its the biggest island in Thailand and it feels safe to be on an island now away from this madness.

Theres really no better place to be for me right now than here to tell you the truth. Phuket feels safe. I am going to head back to Nakhon on Saturday to pick up the last of my stuff and a few guitars. I am looking forward to seeing those guitars but not Nakhon. I hear that place is completely shutdown now.

Feb. 4
It’s time to sit down and send some updates from this crazy place they call Thailand. The whole vibes been pretty tense and the elections were held on Sunday. Turned out to be pretty outrageous considering alot of people were blocked from voting and alot of poles got shut down. Try to define democracy in this place. Its going to be hard. Thank goodness no major violence.

Personally just getting settled in my new home here in Phuket. I went back to Thasala to play my last gig at the notorious Bear Claw Club.

Big turnout for my farewell show. Some new faces and I was joined by a new guitar player. Made me feel sad to move on seems like after the 10 shows I have played there that things were just starting to get good. That place helped me to grow so much and I think it has alot to do with the acoustics of the place.

Back in Phuket now I have played my first 2 shows here. The first place I played is called the New Artists Bar. I shared the stage with 2 other acts. The first one was a really great classical guitarist. Mind blowing actually. Hes been doing shows at hotels around here

Another act was a Swiss husband and wife team. They did some really corny songs sung to canned music. Most people would have written them off but to me they seemed to have a charisma. When I talked to them later I found out that they had a regular engagement at the Sands Hotel in Vegas in the 70’s!

A few days after that gig I had an engagement down the road on the roof at Cheap Charlies. Turned out one of the guys in the audience used to play in a band that used to open for some big acts in Germany.

I think I am in the right place Phuket.

It seems to be full of fallen stars.

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