Students to end occupation of Taiwan legislature Thursday

Photos and text via Ian Rowen

April 7, Taipei — Chen Wei-Ting announces that the Sunflower Movement has achieved significant progress in the pursuit of its goals. The world has heard the news. Students are already forming a new organization to hold legislators to their promises to the people. The occupation of the Legislative Yuan will end this Thursday at 6pm. All are welcome to gather before the end. Lin Feifan answers question, explains that students will clean up after themselves, should support each other through possible political persecution, and are open to future reflection. Students and supporters stand behind in solidarity. The press conference ends as Weiting and Feifan say this decision was achieved through consensus, deflect radical calls for revolution, and put off questions about possibly forming a new political party. The occupation nears its close, just as new possibility for democratic action in Taiwan and the world at large comes closer into view. Inside Sunflower Movement Ground Zero, the occupied Legislative Yuan, Hour 515, Day 21. Relief, sadness, joy.

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