David Wood’s book launch ‘absolutely successful’

One participant at the book launch, Gloria, described the packed event as an 'absolutely successful' evening. Photo: Trista di Genova

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BIRDS IN CAGES AT THE BIKE REPAIR SHOP is David Wood’s first book of poems, and on Saturday, April 12th 2014 we invited you to join us at Retro Coffee, for a night of poetry and song.

Several Poets and Songwriters from around Taiwan performed, and it turned out to be a very eclectic blend of voices.

We hope this event may be a jumping-off point for poetry in Taichung, or a push in the right direction! So consider this an open call to all poets, writers, creative minds.

Get in touch. Get involved. And let’s make things happen!

Sean Luo
Trista di Genova
David R. Braden
Hanz Breezy
Schoen Oslund
David Wood
Karen & Mojo

See a clip of David Wood here.

And Trista di Genova here , performing ‘The Motoche Song’, ‘Dear China’ and ‘Tanks for everything”

MC: Reverend Dave Lowe

No. 116, Sec 1, Wuquan W. Rd., Taichung 403

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