Seventh Annual Christmas in Wulai: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Saturday, December 23, will see Santa come to Wulai for the seventh annual Christmas in Wulai event organized by the Atayal organization. Santa will appear from noon until 5:30pm, giving presents and candy to children and the child at heart at the Wulai Atayal museum.

Wulai District is a predominantly aboriginal community at the periphery of New Taipei City, known for its hot springs, beautiful scenery, and the traditional food and handicrafts of the Atayal people. is a Taiwan-based, American-registered NGO committed to “preserving indigenous cultures and empowering indigenous peoples by building bridges, or cooperation opportunities, that connect indigenous communities around the world.”

The annual Christmas in Wulai event provides an opportunity for cultural exchange between the expat community of Taiwan and Taiwan’s original people by sharing in the spirit of giving, which is at the heart of the Christmas tradition.

Past events have included live bands, plays, cultural performances, fashion shows, face-painting, and raffles. Last year’s Secret Santa program managed to source gifts for over 100 children thanks to the support of the expat and local community.

Individuals and organizations are invited to contribute and participate at this year’s Christmas in Wulai on the Christmas in Wulai VII Facebook page.

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