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Yoga workshop to be held in Taipei

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Have you ever been curious to take a yoga teacher training course but are hesitant to take the plunge?… Now is the opportunity to get your feet wet!…

Kaohsiung Yogi, a registered yoga school at Yoga Alliance is coming to Taipei to present an introductory workshop covering basic content of a 200 hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training course (RYT 200).

Sunday, Nov. at 1pm – 4:00pm
Taipei Medical University
250 Wuxing Street, Hsinyi District

Students who complete the workshop will be given a signed certificate of course completion

This workshop aims to provide an overview of structure and content of a RYT 200 and an in-depth look at the Ashtanga Primary Series. We are facilitating a full day workshop with Rameshji, a highly qualified Mysore Ashtanga Yoga teacher from India. He has been trained in Vinyasa Ashtanga, Pranayama and philosophy under the guidance of Sri BNS Iyengar -the last living legend and direct disciple of the first Vinyasa Ashtanga master in Mysore- Krishnamacharya.

Rameshji has conducted 500+ Teacher Training Courses and approximately 1100 alignment classes and has also received several awards acknowledging his accomplishments as a yogi and teacher. The workshop will also be facilitated by Kaohsiung Yogi co-founder and teacher Farrah Furtado (E RYT 200) and Jyoga teacher Tori Mitchell (YTTC 200).

This workshop is ideal for….

– Those interested in obtaining their yoga teacher training certificate (RYT 200)
– Yoga teachers interested in how to teach and improve alignment from the Ashtanga Primary Series
-Anyone interested in broadening their knowledge and practice of yoga
* Anyone interested in learning more about traveling to India to practice yoga or interested in registering for the certified RYT 200 hour teacher training retreat to India on April 1st-15th, 2015 with Kaohsiung Yogi and Rameshji ( part time program in Ashtanga classes offered )

**Suitable for all levels….Rameshji has an innate ability to help students from beginner to advanced levels

Tentative Schedule:

1-2:30 Ashtanga

2:30-4:00 Ashtanga technique+Alignment

4-4:30 Yoga Nidra

5:30-6 pm Mantra/ chanting

Cost: 3000 nt
**2500 nt Early Bird Special until November 22**

Payment Options:
1. Cash payment to Tori Mitchell (0979259153)

2. Taiwan Bank Wire Transfer.

Please remit deposit to reserve your spot to: Bank of Kaohsiung Name of account: FURTADO LISA ANNE A/C#: 217210418031 Bank of Kaohsiung Code# 016 #2173 Bank Address: Liu He Branch 1-2 F, 27 Liu He 1st Rd.

*Please scan copy of transaction and send to: to confirm. Please make your deposit to reserve space as soon as possible to avoid disappointment in not reserving your spot.

For more information contact:

Tori Mitchell

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Passion for Painting in di Genova’s SEXY CITYSCAPES

The Wild East / Arts & Entertainment

Starting this month, two American artists Trista di Genova and Megan Angele are exhibiting their work in a two-woman show at DV8 in Taipei, opening this Sunday 2pm-2am. The two are featured in this month’s Centered on Taipei magazine.

Trista di Genova is an Oxford- and Bekeley-educated scholar who grew up in Arizona, traveled the world and then made Taiwan her home for the past 12 years. She’s had several solo shows in Taiwan, notably Contemplating Lilies (2005), BuddhaFish (2008), The Wild East Show (2007) and In Remembrance of Virtue Street (2009).

The Wild East: How do you feel when your style is described as ‘a sexy Picasso’?
Trista di Genova: Ha! It’s an honor, of course. I don’t really care for how Picasso painted the female figure, so I’m glad that my style is, presumably, sexier!

The WE: What life experiences most influenced you as an artist?
Trista: I’ve always been on fire to learn about the lives and works of the great artists. My education comes from visiting all the major art museums in Europe. I credit my artist older brother Jac Genovese; and my satellite outtasite father, too, the wood/clay sculptor Chip Fyn. When I was still a babe, he quit his engineering job, set off to California in a school bus and opened his own art gallery. So I spent summers in his artists’ colony in Pollock Pines, California. There, I was transfixed, fascinated with the metaphysical, spiritual paintings of a woman artist there, White Cloud.

One of Trista's recent works, 'L'esprit du bar', Spirit of the Bar, DV8.
The WE: Is there a definitive moment when you started on The Path of The Artist?
Trista: Yes, in 1996. In Paris, my buddy Tylr was crashing on the floor of my tiny chambre de bonne, rue Casimir Pinel, near the Bois de Boulogne. That’s where I started painting. Initially, it was purely therapeutic. After a short time our ‘exhibition’ covered my entire wallspace and we started envisioning the place as an art museum! Good times! I wrote about the experience in my novel, Chameleon de Neuilly.

The WE: You’re from Arizona. Does this inspire you or influence your style in any way?
Trista: Arizonans are fiercely independent people than most, I suppose. Also, the work of (Ettore) DeGrazie was always ‘around’ in my youth in Tucson, where he had his Gallery in the Sun. I think something about his colorful Impressionist rendering of southwest native cultures deeply influenced me.

The WE:Do you remember your first painting?
Trista: Yes, it was a watercolor painted on the back of a brown paper bag from the supermarket! The subject: ‘Napoleon in the buff’. There’s some prose with it, about Napoleon slipping away from his armies, heading deep into the forest, where he communes with nature by stripping down and getting naked. My mom still has it somewhere!

The WE: You stopped painting for a few years. Why?
Trista: After several shows only two paintings were sold, and discouraged because painting just wasn’t justifying the time and energy put into it. Like my brother’s song, “Art don’t pay”! So I did the practical, Taiwanese thing, and switched focus of my energies in my writing and teaching career for a while, working in private schools whilst founding my own Lone Wolf Publishing.

The WE:Who are the artists you most admire, besides yourself of course!
Trista: So many the European Surrealists, Cubists and Impressionists. Like Salvador Dali, Frida of course, Marcel Duchamp, Monet, Marc Chagall. Then there are the Classical works of the Renaissance, Ancient Greece and mosaics of Pompeii. I’m liking Cezanne right now, in my Tamsui landscapes.

The WE: What are your future plans, as an artist?
Trista:I’d love to study at the Uffizi Gallery one of these summers. My dream is to enter the International Biennale system. My next move is to find a gallery in Shanghai to show my work, since Shanghai apparently has one of the world’s best art markets.

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