Best typos in the Taiwanese media

By Trista di Genova
Wild East staff writer

Debt-ridden police caught holding up bank with knife. (Actually, no mistake here; just a crazy Taiwanese crime story)
In 2005, Taiwan has 8.2 million outbound travelers and 3.38 visitors, Yen pointed out.
The value of Taiwan’s export oders hit an all-time high in August.
Rice dumplings for tramps pogram kicks off.
Nearly 90% of college students are eat-out people, and eat garbage food as meals.
A total of 1,073 valid smaples were collected.
Chen is head of state in a county ruled by law and order.
The senior aide stressed that the president is not a lamp duck.
Chen’s tireless attempts to shift public attention by revealing family affairs through media have become an intolerable and cheap soup opera to the public, Kuo said.
Several other retired gerenals agreed.
Never underestimate rising public disgruntlement.
The president is scheduled to appear on television Sunday night to defend himself and his wife and give reasons to justify why he and the fist lady used receipts from members of their family and other people to claim reimbursement from state affairs funds.
An explaination was demanded on the Taipei mayor’s donation.
Shih’s protests are aimed at ousting Chen shui-bain over a series of corruption allegations embroiling himself, members of his member and close aids.
Politicians urged to stop ‘biting each other’ over special fund spat.
Premier Su Tsen-cheng called for an end Thursday to political party strife over the special allowance funds budgeted for senior officials’ discretionary use, claiming it is not good if politicians keep “biting one another endlessly” over the issue.
The premier said China is big, while Taiwan is small, and that there is no need for Taiwan to provoke China.
Huang, his closet rival, will face a runoff.
Though both the DPP and KMT occupied mayorships of Kaohsiung and Taipei, respectively, both of them are losers, Lu said, stressing that the elections offered a good opportunity for both parties to enter a period of self-examination.
The drug trafficker was found by airport police trying to enter the airport with heroin hidden in his anus early that month.
A ministerial task force has been set up to eradicate smuggling and better protect pubic health.
A member of the Military corps said, “You can have a more healthy choice in addition to drugs.”
The sunshine law allows the pubic to examine whether military brass-hats have unduly amassed wealth.
Ko said the MOE was trying to create a more tolerant campus environment by offering more courses and extracurricular activities based on gender equality in hopes that faculty members and students will not hang on to biases or stereotyped discrimination against homos.
Taiwan hopes for peaceful resolution to the Iran unclear problem.
Michel Lu said that details of aid to S. Pacific allies via various cooperative projects will be finalized only after tedious discussion.
The MOEA’s Hwang Ing-sen and the managing director display a plague Friday to mark mango of the Taiwan.
The Chuchi township farmers association from Chiayi county in cooperation with a local chain store, Save on Food, will sponsor an exhibition of Taiwan-produced fruit, including starfruit, guavas and leeches, and allow the pubic to have a taste.
It is tantamount to a fact that legislators….
BDF (Broadcasting Devt Fund) is a non-profitable media watch group.
This is based on an estimate by the DPP’s New Tide Fraction.