Doctor from Ghana Improving Ties

By trista di genova
the china post
Dr. Kwame Abrokwaa-Yankyera is visiting Taiwan, not just because Taiwan is known throughout the world for its superb medical health management and practices, but as he put it, “because I am seeking help for my country.”

A medical doctor specializing in plastic surgery, he sought an attachment at Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei to learn from Taiwan’s unique experience in treating victims of betelnut-related oral cancer, industrial accidents and cleft lip and palate (the latter occurs at a higher rate in Asia than the West, he said; one in 500 rather than one in 1,000, respectively).

In January, for Ghana’s 50th anniversary of independence from the British, he founded a Golden Jubilee Club for his compatriots born in 1957.

“We were privileged to be the first-born of Ghana’s independence — the first independent nation in Africa, south of the Sahara — so as first-borns we have to take greater responsibility,” Dr. Kwame said Thursday at the office of International Health Action in Taipei. “The nation had invested in us, so it’s time we show our appreciation by giving back to our country.”

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