What happened at the brig

This man lost his mind in U.S. detention.

By Trista di Genova

There appears to be no limit to the depravity of the current American regime.
Read about Jose Padilla’s case here
Who is the war of terror aimed at?
Us all, apparently….
Note the suspension of basic human/legal rights, and the clear violations of the Army Field Manual.
Funny Padilla actually thinks George Bush will help him out! hahahahahahhaha. Wooo hoo! That’s a GOOD ONE.
Actually, if Bush wanted to do ONE thing to improve his ratings and show he actually has one iota of compassion that he used to talk-talk-talk about (before even the morons knew better), he’d have this man released and compensated MILLIONS for torture, IMMEDIATELY; and punish those involved in allowing sensory deprivation in detainees, as well as the host of other torture techniques employed by the Nazi-lovin’ detention camp officials.
Not bloody likely tho!
TdG/Additional reporting by Peter Dearman