The Politics in its Death Throes

Straight From: The Pigs Ass
By Trista DiGenova

It just occurred to me, after reading
all that political science for tossers,
and being a sentient, curious being
There is no such thing as Politics,
only Politicking,
a history of wheeling-and-dealing,
details you and I will never know
about those backroom, closed-door meetings,
where the world was carved up into commodities
and package deals and selling off of property
and assets and shares and stakes and interests
that belong to no one.

Only self-interest reigns;
self-interest and that of the Cabal’s.
Everyone knows that among the presidential hopefuls
none of them stack up;
none are presidential enough.
None have the experience or the will.
No one can fit those boots — except you.
No me!
You can try to do away with the monarchy
but it will re-appoint itself anew
bastard sons of tyrants and megalomaniacs,
money-hungry, power-hungry death pigs,
assassins and would-be executioners;
lop off a head at the drop of the hat
if you make a diplomatic bow
you’re done for
-Tsui She-hua