Things to do on my first day in the Oval Office

By Trista di Genova
Issue message of peace and goodwill to all nations;
thanks and a promise to the American people:
Restore habeas corpus;
Sign the Kyoto Protocol, in the spirit of our Aussie Brother Kevin Rudd
issue a blanket pardon for drug users and other petty, non-violent offenses;
release and fully pardon Jena 8; and conscientious objectors.
but no pardons for public officials who must stand accountable for their crimes;
Call on Congress to draft legislation on:
–closing secret prisons worldwide;
–putting a moratorium on the death penalty;
–amnesty for student loans
–outlawing current voting machines until we get a fail-safe system of verifiable balloting;
–ending wars and bringing the troops home
–creating incentives to switch to renewable energies and zero emissions

Last but not least, schedule a system of national, mass debates on major issues for reform, such as health care, education, the environment, and truth and reconciliation.

Thanks for your vote in 2008!
Keep the faith. Love ya the best!
Stay classy,
— TdG