Why Hillary Lost

By Trista DiGenova
1. Hypocritical:
Says she doesn’t support the wars, but voted for them/funding for them.
‘If I would have known what I know now I wouldn’t have voted for it” doesn’t fly.
She SHOULD HAVE KNOWN then what she claims not to have known,
SHOULD’VE blocked the Bush administration, and voted against said wars and funding.
2. Like all the other candidates except me, Kucinich and Ron Paul, SHE’S A SELLOUT.
She only speaks to Jewish voters on Mideast policy, to the point of Israel uber alles;
she sold out to the Neocons by co-sponsoring legislation labeling Iran’s Revolutionary Guard “terrorists’;
3. She wasted all her political capital on fence-sitting.
As New York senator, she SHOULD’VE spearheaded an investigation into 9-11.
If she did that, she would’ve had this election IN THE BAG.
When she spun out on national TV yesterday,
all she could come up with is more brain-washed campaign language.
Sure she wants to be president, but so do I! So does RON.
And why choose health care as her platform mainstay in the first place?
That’s exactly what she’s known for FAILING at before.
4. People are tired of dynasties running American politics — finally.
The sense of entitlement is only just so obvious here.
She’s been in the public eye for 35 years,
had an extremely popular president as mate;
Hillary Clinton’s election should be a shoo-in, eh?
But what has she to show for it?
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