Aboriginal kids' art raises 2.1mil NT at auction 五峰計畫 拍賣會/ 閉幕會

What: The Wufong Project Fundraiser Auction Event
When: Saturday, November 19th, 2011 (2:00pm- 5:00 pm)
Where: The Pavilion of Aroma of Flowers, Pavilion of Aroma of Flowers 風味館, No.181, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist Taipei. Website: www.taiwanpaf.org

Artist Felicia Rodriques with little friend. Photo: Nick Kembel
The Atayal Tribe in Chingchuan Village, Hsinchu County is the site for The Wufong Project. This project is a joint International effort to raise funds for a long needed Community Center. Photographers, artists and the Atayal children have worked in concert to create a cohesive spirit through photography and painting workshops designed for the renewal of the creativity that has been one aspect of tribal culture and lifestyle for many generations.

Now there is an opportunity for you to join us in this project. The Exhibition and Fundraiser Auction Event will be at the Pavilion of Aroma of Flowers (Aboriginal Cultural and Creative Works Venue) 風味館(原住民文創商品旗艦店).


The children’s photos and group art projects will be on display to be auctioned off to raise money for this project. Please join us as we work together to make a meaningful and positive change in the lives of these children.



1. Viewing of short film of The Wufong Project by Verity Mackintosh and Tobie Openshaw
2. Aborigine Band… Inka Mbing
3. Chingchuan Atayal Children’s Choir
4. Chingchuan Atayal Break Dance Team
5. Silent and Live Auction
6. Raffle Prizes

1. 五峰計畫短片欣賞:由Verity Mackintosh和歐陽峰 (Tobie Openshaw) 拍攝
2. 原住民樂團:雲力思樂團
3. 清泉桃山國小合唱團
4. 清泉泰雅霹靂舞團
5. 靜態與動態拍賣會
6. 摸彩活動

Please look here for driving or bus directions

MRT Directions:

Take the Red Line to Yuanshan MRT station. Take Exit 1. As soon as you get out you will see the Flora Expo. Look at the sign that says “Fine Arts Museum” with an arrow. Please follow the arrow. Walk about 5 minutes through the walkway until you come to Jongshan N. Road. Cross the street and the Pavilion is right in front of you!! Large bamboo structure! Can’t miss it!

Live aborigine music, aborigine wine, snacks, auctions and raffles! Sounds like a good time!

Malinda Schultz: This is it!!! In a matter of a wee, few, small hours, everything that you have believed and supported is about to come to pass.

From the humble beginnings of a simple idea, a small group of impoverished yet talented group of Atayal kids will be given the opportunity to explore their artistic abilities and hopefully realise their potential to what is now fondly known as “The Wufong Project.”

A huge THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, to all those who had the organisational skills, the teaching abilities, the photographic and artistic talents, the kind and generous financial sponsorship support, the awesome contacts with people who took it to another unimaginable level.

Whether or not you can attend the Auction this weekend, know that YOU will have a special place in the hearts of the community of Chingchuan from here on…

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