Thanks for making The Wild East ‘most social blog’ in 2011!

Thanks to those of you who showed us the love, sometimes several times this year!
Voting is closed for Taiwanderful’s Best Blog in Taiwan 2011!

Thanks to all of you who voted us Best Blog two times before. : -) You went to this link and made it a tradition. We particularly enjoy Richard Saunders’ Off The Beaten Track travel blog, and Steven Crooks’ site both whom we interviewed this year; A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei for eating in Taiwan, and Prof. Keating’s political blog, as well as Shu Flies and Taiwan Xifu.

At The Wild East Magazine, this year we worked towards filling in the gap in local coverage of news and events affecting the foreign community in Taiwan’s English-language newspapers, including important social events that bring us all closer together. Both the Taipei Times and The China Post cut their Community Compass and Foreign Community pages, respectively. So as a community we have moved online, to this network of sites among friends on the blogosphere.

This year, based on the number of hits, our best stories have focused on one foreigner’s experience in a Taipei Detention Center for overstaying a visa; Jerome Keating’s essay on the ROC’s centennial; a tragic and likely unnecessary demise of a young Taiwanese hiker; and an essay protesting the method of Chinese-language instruction in Taiwan.

Thanks for your regular contributions and feedback, and of course we always welcome your submissions and story ideas.

Best wishes for a safe and adventurous holiday season. And thanks for voting – assiduously!

The Wild East Staff

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