‘The Great Scroll of Banciao’: BOOK REVIEW

REALITY WITHOUT THE TV: 'The Great Scroll' is an underground classic in Taiwan expat literature.
“The Great Scroll of Banciao,” by Trista di Genova and Zoro A. Star. Illustrations: Mark Perrault
Taipei: Lone Wolf Press, 2012 (Chapbook 2004). ITEM ID 002
ISBN: 978-986-88302-3-3  PRICE: 200NT/US$8/e-book US$4

Review by Penelope Mulligan, critic for Terminal City and Discorder magazine:

“Smart, bratty and relentlessly dystopian, The Great Scroll of Banciao begins like a mock dissertation from some esoteric research project. It quickly shape-shifts into a dream diary from hell. Careening through excruciating accounts of state-sanctioned torture and making studious digressions into matters of overpopulation and mass psychosis, the Scroll is also alarmingly relevant. Di Genova and Star have managed a raucous invocation of their culture theorist gurus (Baudrillard, Debord and Foucault hover the most insistently) as they roll out a world where all is synthetic–even memory of the real–and where everything has become spectacle.”

Read the Introduction to The Great Scroll of Banciao or an excerpt from “The Torture Show”

Hard copy or e-book?

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