Christmas in Wulai: A heart-warming affair

Sean Kaiteri, right, with some of the hundreds of gifts donated by Annie's English School and other kind souls to cheer Aboriginal children in Wulai and its environs for the holiday season. Behind stands Dr. Josefu Deyama. Photo: Trista di Genova
Trista di Genova / The Wild East

Father Christmas arrived in Wulai 23rd December.

Thanks to the generosity of many Taiwanese and foreign friends alike — in particular main organizer Gary Smoke and the auspices of the Rangi Association — there was live entertainment, caroling, visits with Santa and a raffle that included several bikes as prizes.

Dr. Josefu Deyama, Nobel peace prize nominee for his work saving child victims of sex-trafficking and AIDS orphans in Southeast Asia, was on hand to wow the crowds with his magic show. Wulai residents, a majority of them Atayal tribe, were thrilled with the holiday cheer and festive spirit of the activities.

Most wondrous of all, thanks to elves at Annie’s English school in Taipei, hundreds of presents were delivered to orphans and residents of Wulai Village. There were so many presents there was a surplus, and the church father there promised to distribute the rest among the other dioceses and denominations of institutions of faith.

Nice to see kids feeling the love during the Christmas season! Photo: TdG
“Come back next year and do it exactly the same,” he said, beaming.

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