Protest held at Taipei City Council against ShiDa closures

Is ShiDa Night Market now a nostalgic piece of history? Not if Andy can help it.
The following call for support is from the owner of ‘Out of India’ restaurant in ShiDa. Read more: “Who Killed ShiDa?”


I am the only remaining foreigner in Taiwan who is fighting for the rights of the small business owners, past and present, to exist in SHIDA NIGHT market.

Because of corrupt government officials and fake “neighbours” who are paid off by builders from Japan to file complaints and get us all kicked out of Shida Night Market. I have been fighting for this cause for two years already, and am calling for the public’s support.

A Taipei City councilmember who was paid by a builder even brought gangsters to my restaurant to try to scare me and threaten me. I have full video evidence of this incident.

This coming Tuesday, October 8, a protest will be held outside the Taipei City Council office at 9:30 a.m. sharp with some of the shopkeepers, landlords, neighbours and foreign residents and supporters.

We want to show our anger to the city government over their arbitrary treatment, and ask them follow a “one country one law” system, not “one country with different laws.”

The city government must answer us on these points: Shida night market is just like other night markets in Taiwan, so why is it the only one being punished? Is it because builders paid you extra money to destroy us and make you richer?

I am going to fight for my legal rights, and I’m not afraid of no one. We must win this fight, and need your support in this struggle to SAVE SHIDA.

I’d like all my foreigner and Taiwanese friends to share this post, and if possible come and give your strength on that day with us at Taipei City Council office. Join us for the protest.

In Solidarity,

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