Newsflash! U.S. writer/publisher declares presidential candidacy

American educator and anthropologist, Trista di Genova, declared her candidacy for the U.S. presidency, taking the opportunity of her press statement at the Taiwan legislature, to congratulate Taiwan students for their show of 'utmost democracy'. She urged them to continue their struggle, until the power to the people is fully restored. .
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“I’m taking this opportunity,” April 1st, April Fools Day, “because it’s time for fools like you and me, to rush into democracy.”

Presidential candidate Trista di Genova has declared presidential candidacy — while abroad.

During her announcement at the speaker’s podium of the Taiwan student-occupied legislature in Taipei, Taiwan, she expressed full and whole-hearted support of the spontaneous creation of a democratic movement by the Taiwan students, who have been waging the so-called Sunflower Revolution, ‘full of hope’ for the future as the symbol has been described.

Students have taken control of the legislature, occupying it since the night of March 18, Surprised by the peaceful coup, police were shut out and the doors barricaded with sofas and boxes and chairs, “whatever we could find to shut them out,” said media coordinator, Oliver Chen on Sunday night.

Until now the students have only pressed for the passage of another trade bill, which would give more civic input in the process of legislation, Chen explained.

As it is, the students have been broadcasting from the speaker’s podium, mainly through leaders Lin Fei-fan, an NTU student, and fellow student Chen Wei-ting, she added. The students are well-known for having stood up in defense of the interests of farmers, environmentalists and a host of other populist interests.

Actually, the hand-painted yellow and black sign behind the student leaders claims that ROC President Ma Ying-jeou forced the legislature to pass a cross-strait agreement, “in 3 seconds.”

When asked for kclarification: “It was 30 seconds,” says International media coordinator, Oliver Chen.

No matter. A sunflower is the difference of 20 seconds. And the candidate said,

“From hard experience in the America, seize the moment, while you can,” urges di Genova of the thousands-strong group of students and ordinary citizens, some of them who have camped out for days since the revolution’s inception. “The people protect the legislature,” Chen observed. As volunteer doctors enter and leave, the students cheer them in thanks. Also on hand are volunteer lawyers.

The candidate expressed admiration for the Sunflower Movement, as it is now called, and toured the legislature Sunday evening before making the statement announcing her candidacy presidency in the United States.

“The Taiwan model shows me that the people can really take control of their country, if they just act to do so. The Taiwan students are an inspiration to me, and the world.”

Wearing a t-shirt worn only by insiders — organizers of the Revolution, the American Oxford and Berkeley graduate and novelist Trista di Genova, added the statement while at the speaker’s podium of the Taiwan Legislature on Sunday, March 30, 11:00 pm.

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